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Contest #5
[R/S/E Normal Beauty Contest]
No stats


1st place: The pokemaster and Leavanny
2nd place: Ayotui and Rhyperior
3rd place: Fawkes. and Espeon
4th place: WebMaster and Reuniclus

~A two-star boosted X-Scissor combo made the Crowd go wild in the Final Round, giving the win to Leavanny. Other highlights include Espeon being startled mercilessly by Reuniclus, and Rhyperior was mostly using Elemental Punch combos.~

1st. $2000 and 1500 Credits, + Normal Rank Beauty ribbon.
3rd. $1500 and 500 Credits
4th. $1000 and 500 Credits

Me: $2000.
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