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Default Re: The [new] Quote Thread; Show off your stuff!


(14:29:06) Christos: and why did the chicken cross the road?
(14:29:19) Silver Slasher: casue he felt like it
(14:29:30) ~~Server~~: because it was a raging homosexual
(14:29:33) Christos: yeah, to get to the other side
(14:29:36) Christos: ...
(14:29:41) Silver Slasher: wtf?
(14:29:45) Christos: who is server?
(14:29:55) Silver Slasher: LOL
(14:30:04) Silver Slasher: THAT WAS WEIRD
(14:30:11) Silver Slasher: Hus, why'd you do that?
(14:30:15) Christos: let's try it again
(14:30:20) ~~Server~~: who is Hus
(14:30:23) Christos: Ninjask, Zoroark, Togekiss, Whiscash, Agron, Magnezone
(14:30:26) Christos: oops
(14:30:28) Christos: ...
(14:30:57) ~~Server~~: wow nice job STOOPID
(14:31:22) Silver Slasher: Hi Hus
(14:31:23) Silver Slasher: =D
(14:31:27) Christos: is this revenge for calling you a billion times?
(14:31:28) Christos: :(
(14:31:32) ~~Server~~: who is Hus!!
(14:31:37) Christos: you?
(14:31:39) Silver Slasher: I heard Hus is uselss
(14:31:41) Silver Slasher: useless*
(14:31:44) Silver Slasher: thats all
(14:31:45) Christos: yeah
(14:31:48) Christos: totally useless
(14:31:54) +Hus: WOW **** YOU GUYS
(14:31:58) Christos: lol
(14:32:01) Silver Slasher: lol?


(14:39:23) ~~Server~~: o_o
(14:39:36) you hurt my feelings: i don't like you guys
(14:39:47) Christos: um
(14:39:51) Silver Slasher: i did?
(14:40:01) Christos: is there an invisibility option?
(14:40:07) i am going to kill myself: brb
(14:40:15) Silver Slasher: thats not very good D=
(14:40:37) Christos: yes
(14:40:40) Christos: but
(14:40:45) Christos: I am confused
(14:40:47) Silver Slasher: that is very good HURRY UP AND KILL YOURSELF
(14:40:53) Silver Slasher: WHAT
(14:40:57) Silver Slasher: I DIDNT SAY THAT LOL
(14:41:06) Christos: yeah hurry up
(14:41:12) Christos: hey!
(14:41:16) Silver Slasher: i swear hus made me say that
(14:41:22) Christos: me too
(14:41:23) +Hus: nope
(14:41:27) Christos: ...
(14:41:37) Silver Slasher: Why should we believe you, you're useless
(14:41:37) Christos: you are enjying this, aren't you
(14:41:42) Christos: LOL
(14:42:26) Silver Slasher: watch me say something stupid
(14:42:30) Silver Slasher: thanks to HUS
(14:42:48) +Hus: i didnt do anything!
(14:42:55) Christos: yeah, right
(14:43:01) Silver Slasher: ^
(14:43:12) Silver Slasher: at least this is entertaining
(14:43:17) Christos: yeah
(14:43:18) Christos: lol
(14:43:28) Christos: last night was entertaining ;)
(14:43:36) Christos: not me
(14:43:43) Silver Slasher: you didn't say that?
(14:43:46) Christos: no
(14:43:55) GHOST: boo
(14:43:59) Christos: LOL
(14:44:19) Christos: if you have a problem, you can always share it with us
(14:44:27) Christos: even if it's mental
(14:44:38) Silver Slasher: ok


(14:53:07) Christos: maybe I am hus
(14:53:11) Christos: and you are hus
(14:53:14) Silver Slasher: IM CONFUSED
(14:53:15) Christos: and server is hus
(14:53:17) Silver Slasher: D=
(14:53:19) Christos: and ghost is hus
(14:53:25) Christos: and everyone is hus!
(14:53:28) Christos: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
(14:53:36) Christos: *jump through the window
(14:53:39) Christos: *

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