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Default Re: Historical What-Ifs

Originally Posted by Akuaburedo View Post
(I guess this goes here....)

I remember a few months ago learning about the Zimmerman Telegraph and wondering what might have happened in Mexico entered the war against America. :O Or what if the Japanese invasion of Mexico was a success? Or if the German invasion of Britain was a success.

Discuss the possibilities. :OOO
If the Japanese had invaded Mexico, I would know Japanese right now! :D And maybe my country wouldn't be so poor and "Zeta" infested right now. But in all seriousness, I didn't know Japan had tried to invade Mexico.

I also often wonder what would have happened if the Spanish hadn't come to Mexico and gotten involved with the Native Americans. I'm guessing that Native Americans would have prospered and grown to the point where being invaded wouldn't be such a big possibility. Or maybe somebody else had come along, like the English.

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