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Default Re: Hypno or Kadabra in GSC?

Originally Posted by Kecleonfan666 View Post
Hello. I've started playing Pokemon Gold recently, and I've been doing fairly well. I've beaten the fourth gym leader, and my party currently consists of Quilava, Sudowoodo, Lapras, Heracross, and Kadabra. I'm still deciding who will occupy the final slot, and I could use some help for that too. But, what I really want to know is if I should keep Kadabra.

Kadabra is strong, even if it isn't fully evolved, since 105 speed and 120 special attack points are strong enough to propel it through the game. But, I was wondering if Kadabra could be replaced by a Hypno.

I'm aware that the drop in power is going to be immense, but Hypno has better defenses, and access to Hypnosis.

So, I'm wondering if it would be worth it to replace Kadabra with Hypno. It may be a sort of body blow to my team, but will it play a big role in deciding whether I win a battle or lose a battle? Would you do it?
Kadabra's stats:40 35 30 120 70 105 400
Hypno's stats : 85 73 70 73 115 67 483

Hypno does better in: HP,Att,Def,sp.def
Kadabra does better in: Sp.att,speed

Both pokemon learn in level-up:
Confusion,Disable,Future Sight,Psychic

Hypno learns that Kadabra doesn't:
Pound,Hypnosis,Headbutt,Poison Gas, Meditate,Psych Up

Kadabra learns that Hypno doesn't:

They are very similar.. some of the moves that kadabra can't learn
through level ups is obtainable through TMs.
Kadabra's spc.att and speed is much higher than hypno's, which gives more
advantage when using better moves like Hyper Beam, Psychic,Zap Cannon, etc..
Hypno has over twice as much HP and a higher special defence and def which can
be used as as support pokemon ; but because the good status TMS aren't availible for Hypno
like safeguard,reflect and thunderwave. Hypno's Att,Def, and speed are average though..

I choose Kadabra.