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Default Re: Historical What-Ifs

Originally Posted by Akuaburedo View Post
(I guess this goes here....)

I remember a few months ago learning about the Zimmerman Telegraph and wondering what might have happened in Mexico entered the war against America. :O Or what if the Japanese invasion of Mexico was a success? Or if the German invasion of Britain was a success.

Discuss the possibilities. :OOO
If Mexico had entered the war? Absolutely nothing. Mexico couldn't have conquered Panama, much less the United States. And if the Japanese invasion of Mexico was a success? It couldn't be. The majority of the Japanese army was wrapped up in pacifying China. Even if they had successfully made a NA invasion, it would have been absolutely destroyed by the US army.

Well the invasion of Mexico would have been a ploy for the Japanese to eventually invade America. Since lots of Americans were either in Europe or in the Pacific, Japan would be free to invade Mexico without fear of American retaliation. I'm sure we'd have some troops there, but the Japanese could easily hold them back until Mexico City was taken.
Nonsense, America would instantly have declared war on Japan if they invaded Mexico. Europe was an ocean away, but Mexico's right next door. There's not a chance that Americans would have been content to sit around and let Mexico be invaded.

What if Napoleon actually beat Russia? :O Or if Hitler actually beat Russia
I don't know much about Napoleon, but Hitler never stood a chance against Russia. There's no conceivable way WWII could have gone without Stalin being in the winner's circle.

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