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Default Re: Shiny Jolteon's Shiny Shop! (Pokemon White Shinies added!)UPDATED 5-21-11!

Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post
Yes, since they are cloned in my O.T., I can nickname :) and Mienfoo: Inner Focus
Most excellent on the nicknaming part.

I have few shiny's you don't have...lets see what I got.
I do have a Shiny Beast Event Raikou that I noticed wasn't on your list. I also have a shiny Fearow from GTSN. Both are legit [as far as I can see from the Fearow]
I also have a Darkrai I've had for ages that I received from the GTS in gen 4 but I'm not 100% sure on it's legitimacy. It's been ported to my Black game. You can check it yourself if you'd like. Also a shiny Uxie.

I also have Adamant Yawn/Poison Fang DW Poochyena and other egg moved DW ability Pokemon. I'm working on breeding DW Murkrow and such.

I also just noticed you had a Shiny Shelmet...and Cottonee...could I have the info on those too please? ^^'
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