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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post

Well, imo, only Espeon has a good DW Ability--or an Ability that is better than it's normal Ability--so it really doesn't bother me. ^___^||

Vaporeon: Water Absorb > Hydration.
Jolteon: Volt Absorb > Quick Feet.
Flareon: Flash Fire > Guts.
Espeon: Synchronize < Magic Bounce.
Umbreon: Synchronize > Inner Focus.
Leafeon: Leaf Guard = Chlorophyll.
Glaceon: Snow Cloak = Ice Body.

^ Imo.
I think Ice Body Glaceon is much better than Snow Cloak. Chlorophyl on a Leafeon depends on what kind of Leafeon you're looking for. Guts would work for Flareon...if you could burn it...Espeon has a nice one and I'm both sides with Vaporeon. Jolteon should stick with Volt absorb though.
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