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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White Discussion

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Yeah ^^; I'm just not a fan of a Grass-type's Ability making you want to use a move that powers up Fire-type attacks. :P

It's like, "Grass Plate Arceus used Sunny Day!"
"Torchic used Ember!"
"Grass Plate Arceus fainted!"

Reminds me of the time I killed an Arceus with my Charizard on PBR. XD

Charizard used Sunny Day!
Arceus used Hyper Beam!
[Charizard survived with under 1/3rd of health, Blaze activates]

Charizard used Flamethrower! [Sunny Day + Blaze + STAB]
Red corner wins!

Yeah...but anyway I would think the idea would be to try and out speed said fire types, as Leafeon are pretty fast. I ran a double battle with Torment and Dig on my friends fire was she not happy. XD
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