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Default [R/S/E Normal Tough] The pokemaster VS Pman VS SXC VS MuddyMudkip

Continued from AIM.

Second Round
Salamence appeals with Fire Fang, COMBO! [+8] Crowd Boos. [CM=0]
Leavanny appeals with a display of Swords Dance, [+1] Gains a star. Crowd Boos. [CM=0][★][CS]
Machamp appeals with Dynamic Punch, COMBO! [+4] Startles Salamence for [-1], startles Leavanny for [-5]!
Blastoise appeals with a Rapid Spin, [+2].

Third Round Order:
Salamence 110 PTS [+7]
Machamp 50 PTS [+4]
Blastoise 20 PTS [+2]
Leavanny 0 PTS [-4][★][CS]

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