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Default Re: Shiny Jolteon's Shiny Shop! (Pokemon White Shinies added!)UPDATED 5-22-11!

Originally Posted by juan8913 View Post
i want these shinies
scraggy drilbur roggenrola archen tirtouga karrablast pansage pansear pawniard mienfoo ferroseed snivy darumaka purrloin
i offer
any eeveelution milotic (japanese) rufflet dratini shaymin magcargo torchic (if u clone it) beartic beldum gallade ralts giratina (if u can clone it) mewtwo (if u can clone it) ninetails thundurus cloyster (if u can clone it) salamence landorus (japanese) kyogre conkeldurr charmander rufflet chaarmander
pick the ones u want nd if u want more from mine pm/vm me bout it so i can pick nother from urs
I love Shaymin :) and Charmander :D I can't clone as of now though. I won't be able to clone again for ATLEAST 2-4 weeks.