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Default Re: Sammy0295 - Eevee - Grasslands.

The Ranger hands Sammy a Pokeball, which he throws. The Castform blinks in surprise as the doll makes no attempt to protect it. The ball bounces off its head before opening, engulfing and absorbing the Castform in a beam of light. The ball falls into the grass. It rocks a couple of times, laying on the suspense, and finally lets out a telltale and relieving ping. Castform has been caught!

Safari Zone

[-] Castform (F)
Ability: Forecast


[Flare] Eevee (F)
HP: 66%
Energy: 49%
Ability: Adaptability
[-2 ATK]

Castform has been caught, and you can pick it up at the front desk after your Safari adventure is over!

1. A scrawny tree nearby seems to shake. Investigate?
2. Keep walking; maybe apply some sunscreen.
3. The Ranger is holding a Full Restore. Accept it for 3 points?
4. Leave the Safari Zone.

You have 17 Safari Points left.
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