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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Round Five

Crystal Moyomia

[Drakon] Axew (M)

HP: 41%
Energy: 58%
Condition: This isn’t much fun; +1 Attack, -1 Special Defence, -1 Speed
Moves: Switch (Lapras) ~ Ice Beam

Master Zorua

[Lotus] Zorua (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 28%
Condition: I’m a little tired, but I can go on; +2 Special Attack, -1 Defence
Moves: Pursuit ~ Night Daze

Lotus was desperate to get the last say in his battle against Drakon so reacted quickly when the dragon’s trainer pulled a poké ball from her pocket. She was nearly instantly cloaked in a shroud of black and charging at her opponent – she had to get to him at exactly the right time for the attack to succeed. A single beam of red light came from the button at the centre of the red and white ball and moved to envelop Drakon. The Zorua struck just as the laser began transforming his target back into storable energy – exactly the right moment. The dragon-type made a small noise before it was sucked back into the poke ball and Lotus knew that his attack had worked well. However, the battle wasn’t over yet. Crystal Moyomia took a second ball from her pocket and threw it into the air; the pokémon within was a Lapras, except that it was purple. Shinju’s entry to the shrine was heralded by a bright white light, which soon faded away. She looked down at the trickster she was about to fight, not thinking that she would be too much of a challenge.

The fox was faster than Shinju so the Lapras was going to have to wait a while before showing her who was boss. Lotus gathered dark energies into a swirling, rotating orb which hovered in front of her snout; these energies were very dangerous and could even make the opponent less likely to hit their target if directed well. The trickster fox cried out as he fired the ball at the shiny Lapras. The attack rocketed towards her at a frightening speed before colliding with the transport pokémon’s face. The pulse exploded in her eyes, temporarily blinding her, and made her bellow in pain. Although her vision did slowly return, it wasn’t as good as it had been – now everything was darker so she couldn’t be as sure of hitting the right thing when she came to attack.

Not entirely sure of what she was doing, Shinju began her next attack. She focused on her ice-type powers and soon enough her mouth was filled with cold, white energy. Before long there was too much of the energy to fit comfortably in her mouth and so several crackling bolts of ice were released and shot towards the last known position of her target. Unfortunately, Lotus had known that staying where she was was a bad idea and had moved into the cave mouth through which the trainers had entered earlier in the battle. So instead of dealing damage to the target, the beams of ice hit the sacred tree, which lost a couple of leaves to the frost.

Crystal Momyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)

HP: 90%
Energy: 93%
Condition: Hmm, this may be more difficult than I thought; -1 Accuracy

Master Zorua

[Lotus] Zorua (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 7%
Condition: This is hard work; +2 Special Attack, -1 Defence

Pursuit- (Zorua -10 Energy; Axew -14 HP)
Switch- (Axew switched out, Lapras switched in)
Night Daze- (Rolled 19/100, 95 or less to hit; rolled 2/5, 2 or less to lower accuracy; Zorua -11 Energy; Lapras -10 HP, -1 Accuracy)
Ice Beam- (Rolled 83/100, 75 or less to hit; Lapras -7 Energy)

Arena Notes
The tree has a few frozen leaves

Team Notes
Crystal Moyomia
3 Pokémon remaining
Drakon: 27% HP, 58% Energy
Master Zorua
3 Pokémon remaining