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Default Re: Clan Royal Oblivion - Now Recruiting

Originally Posted by mullac1128 View Post
Member Sign Up Form:

Name: mullac1128
Job: Breeder
Reason For Signing Up:found in gamelion's sig on serebii forum's
Are you a good Competitive Battler? Not really.
Favorite Pokčmon :Hariyama
Super-Mega-Ultra-Hyper-Special-Chocolatey-coated Hard Question: How do you spell Pokčmon?
Answer: pokčmon
well, it looks like it falls upon me to be the first to welcome you, so... here it is...

White FC: 1334-7187-0193

Intermediate rank on ^this^ clan

Known on serebii as Darkrai's Shadow
Can ev train pokemon, battle flat rules or lvl 100