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Default Re: Tournament Approval Thread

Originally Posted by Latisiblings View Post
Hey, first reply to this. So, what do you guys think of a UU tourney, only based on PO Online Server's rules? Here's the link to the banlist. LINK

List of notable threats that are banned in the Smogon tiers but not in PO:

Venusaur (though no sun in the tier)

So, I guess the application would look like this?

Name: The PO-based UU Tourney (crappy name I know)
Hosts: Latisiblings
Banlist: The following Pokémon are banned:

Look above, at link.

Clauses: Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Species Clause
OHKO Clause
Wi-Fi Battle Clause
Approved. You can post the tournament. With no other tournaments running atm, This one should be fine.
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