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Default PE2K's First Ever BW UU Tourney

The First Ever UU Tourney

Well, here it is. You probably know by now that the banlists for both OU and UU have been made, and what better way to celebrate it than by playing in a UU tourney? I know that I love the lack of weather in UU, as most of you do. But this tourney's gonna be a little different. I'm going to go with the PO Server's banlist, instead of the Smogon banlist, which I don't have an affinity for because of mainly Kyurem, Victini, and Chansey (I hope this doesn't flare up a discussion about Smogon). So, you might ask, what does the PO Server's UU have? Well, you can see the list of allowed Pokemon here. But if you've played in the UU tier of Smogon and already know what Smogon's about, I'll give you a general outline of what Pokemon are banned here and not Smogon, and visa versa.

Banned in PO:


Allowed in PO:


The clauses in effect are:

Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Species Clause
OHKO Clause
Wi-Fi Battle Clause

So, does it sound fun? Just fill in the sign up form and I'll have the tourney running in a week or so.

Forum username:
PO username:
Time zone/GMT:


Latisiblings VS The Unreal Shadow Tracker
Cutter Kirby VS The Amazing Ninja Kirby
Viva la Gofre VS Leader Of the Underworld
Yamirami VS SLC

All battlers are required to PM the logs of the battles, as well as the final score.
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