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Default Re: [R/S/E Normal Tough] The pokemaster VS Pman VS SXC VS MuddyMudkip

Round Four:
Blastoise disappoints and appeals with Water Pulse, [+2] Next turn is Random.
Leavanny appeals with Swords Dance, [+1] gains a star, [★] Good Condition, [+1] Crowd Boos. [CM=0][CS]
Salamence appeals with Double Edge, [+6] Crowd Cheers! [+1] [CM=1] Became conscious of the others.
Machamp appeals with Focus Energy, [+1] Startles Blastoise for [-3]. Startles Leavanny for [-3]. Salamence tripped over Distraction, startled for [-6]. [CS]

Fifth Round Order: [RANDOM]
Machamp 70 PTS [+1][CS]
Leavanny 80 PTS [-1][★★][CS]
Salamence 120 PTS [+1]
Blastoise 40 PTS [-1]


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