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Default Re: [MOTM] May 2011 - Voting [Deadline: June 6th]

General Categories:
Best Avatar:
Best Signature:
Best Friend:
Best Debater:
Member I Would Like to Meet: Nirvash
Most Photogenic Male: RocketMeowth
Most Photogenic Female: Husnain
Jealous Idol:

Pokémon-Related Categories:
Best ASB Participant:
Best URPG Participant:
Best Tactician/Strategist:
Best Wi-Fi Battler:
Best Wi-Fi Trader:
True Pokémon Fan:

Art-Related Categories:
Best Spriter:
Best Graphics Artist:
Best Drawn Artist: Hoshika
Best Pokémon Author: Steak
Best Non-Pokémon Author: Steak
Best Pokémon Roleplayer:
Best Non-Pokémon Roleplayer:

The High Stakes:
Wish You Were Here: absol2005, Hypocrisy is Fun!
Best New Member:
Most Influential:
Most Helpful:
Trend Setter:
Best Contribution to PE2K:
Most Active Member: PokemonElite2000
Best Moderator: Hoshika
Best PE2K Staff Member: Nyurgh (whatever the heck his new name is)

Member of the Month: Hypocrisy is Fun!