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Default Re: Contest Beta

Discharge - Whirlpool

Ice Beam - Discharge/Volt Tackle/Spark/Flame Wheel

Bubblebeam - Aurosphere

Whirlpool - Aursphere

Sky Attack - Peck/Wing Attack

Hydro Pump - Volt Tackle/Fire Spin

Iron Defense - Ice Shard

Mud Bomb - Shock Wave

Shadow Claw - Blizzard

Signal Beam - Iron Tail

Psycho Cut - Thunder Wave/Thunder bolt

Haze - Sonic Boom

Silver Wind - Sludge Bomb/Poison Sting/Blizzard

Agility - Focus Punch

Sandstorm - Scary Face/Mean Look

Aqua Jet - Icebeam

Ice Shard - Discharge

Thanks go to JokesterJesse for researching combos. More like these will be added as we make more. These specific combos come from the anime. If you have any suggestions for combo from the anime or made up yourself send them to me with your reasoning.
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