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Default Create Your Own Tournament - Format

What kind of format would you like to be used in the next tournament?

Bracket - This is the style you are probably most familiar with. Players are randomly paired to play each other. The winners of each pair move on to the next round, in which they are paired again. This continues until a winner is decided. Double elimination is possible.

Ladder - Players can challenge any other player in the tournament. Challenges can't be denied. Winning results in more points than losing. Winning against a player with more points may also giving you more points than compared to someone with less points. The number of times you can challenge a single player in a certain amount of time will be limited. Whoever has the most points in a set amount of time is the winner of the whole tournament.

Combination - The top x amount of players in the end of a Ladder will be seeded into a Bracket.

The finer details of each kind of format can be worked out later.
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