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Default Re: Open Battle: Ryans VS Hitmonfighter


The sun was shining down on the Colosseum. A salty sea breeze was making the palm trees rustle in slow motion, making it look like an advertisement for a vacation in the tropics. A good-sized group of battle fans, oily with sunscreen, had decided to break from their swim-time to watch today's scheduled battle: Ryans and Hitmonfighter.
The two stood opposite each other, trying to guess what the other would do. Between them (but well out of the way of any Pokemon attacks, thank you very much!) a blond girl sat in a folding chair sipping a banana milkshake, looking bored. "Challenger first, yadda yadda," she said. She pointed at Hitmonfighter. "FYI, that's you."
Hitmonfighter nodded and gave the newcomer, Ryans, a cocky smile. He lifted his Pokeball high and tossed it with an air of command. The ball opened in a conflagration of red-and-white sparks, pouring out a huge, shaggy shape that was a massive mess of what appeared to be tubes and cables. Once it had fully materialized, it was revealed to be totally different - it was a mighty Tangrowth.
Ryans looked a little nervous, but he didn't back down. He considered for a moment, then pulled out a shiny-new Pokeball and tossed it at the floor. It bounced up and released another red beam. This one formed an odd, plump shape: the shape of an Axew. The referee groaned for no apparent reason at the sight of the little dragon. Then she shook her head and said, "Whatever. Just battle."


[Solar] Tangrowth (M)
Ability: Chlorophyll
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: So going to dominate.
Sunny Day ~ Leech Seed


[-] Axew (M)
Ability: Rivalry
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Nervous, but he won't show it.
Leer ~ Dragon Rage

Axew stepped forward, giving a little growl. Solar frowned at him in confusion, wondering what the little Axew thought he was doing. When Axew got no reaction, he decided to try a different approach. He narrowed his eyes at Solar, giving the pile of vines the best stink-eye he could. Solar's frown deepened as he saw the Pokemon's eyes beginning to glow. "Tang...?" was this baby dragon really trying to scare him?

"Ax Ax!" Axew snarled in annoyance. He lifted his head and narrowed his eyes in the most ferocious way he knew how. Smoke began to come from his nostrils, and his lips curled like a dog's, showing his white fangs. Solar stepped back in shock as the little creature's slitted gaze began to glow. His whole body shook, causing quite an earthquake for the vines all over his body. His guard began to drop out of panic -

Then it was gone and Axew's face morphed back to normal, turning rather wary as he waited for Solar to make his move.
[Leer: Solar, -1 DEF; Axew, -2% Energy]

The Tangrowth looked up at the sky. It was sunny, yes, but perhaps it could be sunnier? He lifted his arms, forcing what little fire-related energy he had into the spot between his raised palms. An orange, glowing orb formed there, lit with the power of fire and the sun. Solar threw the orb as high in the air as he could, and in seconds, the orb hung over the arena like a second sun, cranking up the heat and light. Tourists began to apply more sunscreen with fervor, and drink vendors pounced on the opportunity like Wal-Mart executives on Black Friday. Solar smiled within his housing of plant tendrils as he felt the light seeping into him, greening up his vines nicely and making him feel re-energized. In fact, he felt very fast - and though his new speed barely brought him up to Axew's level, he was ready to make his next move first.
[Sunny Day: Solar, -7% Energy]

Once again Solar put his palms together. This time a little, green-glowing object formed inside them: a seed. The seed was already growing roots, which expanded slowly and greedily on open air. Solar tossed the seed, making Axew yelp in fear. He didn't know what the seed was except trouble; he leaped aside as quickly as he could. The seed sailed harmlessly by him and landed on the floor; its roots hit solid wood and it shriveled into dust. Solar let out a loud grunt of annoyance as Axew swiveled to face him.
[Leech Seed: Solar, -6% Energy]

The young dragon smiled and opened his mouth, summoning up ancient power from the very depths of his being. An orange sphere of flames began to form between his teeth, glowing in size and intensity until it burned like Solar's false sun. Axew felt a rage rising in him, the strength of his draconic ancestors yearning for expression. He let it out in a fury of rosy-orange fire, like a sunset flamethrower. Solar was engulfed in the tide; he felt his body burning and his vines. He staggered back as the tide receded, feeling slightly dazed. He wasn't seriously hurt, but he glared at the little Axew nonetheless. This battle would not go to the underdog, he decided, not on his watch.
[Dragon Rage: Solar, -5% HP; Axew, -1% Energy]


[Solar] Tangrowth (M)
Ability: Chlorophyll
HP: 95%
Energy: 87%
Status: Miffed, highly. (-1 DEF)


[-] Axew (M)
Ability: Rivalry
HP: 100%
Energy: 97%
Status: This is going great!


Leech Seed rolled a 99, with 1-90 hitting.
Dragon Rage worked out to 1% Energy, since an attack that would do the same amount of Damage to Solar (STAB, nonphysical, 20 BP) costs that same amount.
Sunny Day lasts for one more round, during which Solar's Speed is doubled. Coincidentally this brings him up to Axew's speed exactly.

Hitmonfighter, your moves please.
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