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Default Re: Create Your Own Tournament - Format

I just had the dumbest but interesting idea for an ffa or something!

Chess Board FFA Tournament
|8 Pawns .|
|2 rooks ..|
|2 knights.|
|2 bishops.|
|1 queen..|
|1 king.....|
^2 sets of those

Its a standard game of chess with a URPG twist ;D

Pawns: These only move forward (1-2 spaces)*
Rooks: These only move horizontal or vertical (unlimited spaces)
Knights: These move in that L-shaped pattern (a total of 4 spaces)
Bishops: These only move diagonally (unlimited spaces)
Queen: The most powerful piece in the game can basically move wherever there is space!
King: He's kinda "Derp" all the time and needs to be protected although he is allowed to move one space and can on occasion fight for his life.

The twists

Unlike traditional chess where you simply move and conquer, you must battle the person you plan on defeating. Additionally you can have other team mates come in to your aid.

*Pawns: Instead of blocking each other to a stand still, you can defeat the person in front of you to knock them out. This can only occur when there are no opposing pieces in a vertical direction.(You MUST attack those IF there are any)
Also, if any pawns make it to the opposite line (and are unchallenged to battle) they have the option of becoming rooks, knights, bishops, or queens.


1. Your piece can only move as it would in the traditional game. The exception here are the pawns which can knock each other off the board by also going forward.

2. When you attack, you can only attack the same way you move. So for example a bishop can not attack something that is vertical/horizontal to it and Rooks can not attack something diagonal.
Knights can only attack forward. Since they move in a weird way, thats how its gonna be....

1. Moves that hit all will be allowed but have their limits.
They will take up a total of 3 rows/columns/diagonal things
The first being the row/column/diagonal line that the user is on and the other two being one forward and one backward.

2. Moves that do damage but have no sort of accuracy such as swift/shockwave/magical leaf will go straight until they hit someone.

3. Moves with priority such as Quick Attack/Ice Shard/Mach Punch can go up to two spaces and can go through an ally without causing damage

4. Moves that help an ally such as helping hand/aromatherapy have to be used next to the ally and have to be in conjunction with Rule #2
Abilities that also help an ally fall under this category

5. Lightning Rod/Storm drain will redirect moves to the PKMN with said ability regardless of where on the field the move was used and regardless of whether an ally or opponent used it.

6. Roar/circle throw/whirlwind/dragontail/etc.. will knock an opponent back 3 spaces at max (unless it hits something).

7. Spikes/stealthrocks/toxic spikes can be used and will be left on the same tile as the user is on. They can hurt an ally and once they are used they disappear and have to be replaced.

8. Baton Pass works only with a mon within your attacking zone. (See battle rule #4)

This is just a rough draft of my idea!

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