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(OOC: Icky Post is icky. Focus Energy and Helping Hand if that's not too obvious :3)


“Alright, Haji, let's get ready to do this,” Ivy said, looking down to the purple cat-like Pokémon. He nodded, looking back out onto the field.

The Charmeleon, their primary concern, had lit up the sky with a brilliant fire tunnel. It seemed to be charged by the sun, the object giving it power. Its tail began to glow with the charge, and it became harder to breathe as the temperature around them rose.

“Remember to be careful,” she said out loud, not really wanting to use the bond too much at the moment. She just wanted to focus on this battle. “Let's start out easy. Focus your energy so we can hit hard later. Then let's give Dual a hand if he needs it. Get ready to help!”

Haji nodded again and stepped out onto the field farther, eying up the fire lizard that was their opponent. The Heatmor that Chainy was after had vanished underground, using its claws to dig its way into the earth. They would have to be watchful of that too.

The Espeon took a balanced stance and tensed his muscles, preparing himself for future hits. They needed to take this Charmeleon down fast so Chainy wouldn't have too many distractions with catching his Pokémon. The cat-like Pokémon kept an eye on the Gallade, ready to help him out if he needed it. Since both he and Chainy were a little prideful, she doubted they would want it, but she was going to offer it anyway. It never hurt to have more than one set of eyes watching. If anything else, Dual's next attack would hit super hard if Haji helped.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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