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Exclamation Pokemon *Name Under Development* Version

Hey, I'm 2iLL

I'm creating my own pokemon hack, which I kinda want to be community driven....Although...I have no community...

I've made a start already and the game has a kinda Egyptian feel to it.

The Story I've come up with is Basically:
There's a Giant sandstorm ravaging the Land, It's due to Team___
try to control the master life and death in the world
which is a pokemon called Anucision (Dark/Dragon),
you stop them blah de blah.

I was looking for some people to help sprite some of the pokemon.

Heres my checklist :
- 3 Regions, a new one ulockable after each elite 4 []

- For your player to be able to speak [x]

- 151 new pokemon []

- More Teenage style of speech (As you're playing as a teen) [x]

- New overworld Sprites []

- New Character sprites []
Here are some screenies:

[sup]I don't know why they're so small, sorry[/sup]

If you're interested I'll post a list of what has and hasn't been sprited/ Done.

I couldn't find the appropriate place to post this sorry :/ I'm new :p

Peace out