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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Gym Title:
A /bit/ poisonous.
Description of Gym Theme:
Pokemon that can learn Poison-type moves via level up that are not of the Poison-type.
6 Pokémon planned for Gym Theme:

(I have Electrocross, Octillery, and Shuckle/ The others I plan to get.)

How many Pokémon per side?
Are there Damage Caps or other Restrictions?
30 Damage Cap, No OHKO moves
What is the Gym Arena?
The gym is a large room with its floor covered in white tiles that are about 2 square feet. The walls are covered with tiles but they change colors often and randomly. The gym leader is the purple team and the challenger is the green team. Every time a pokemon steps on a tile, it glows it's teams color until it leaves the space when it turn back to white. But if a pokemon from the opposite team steps on that tile, it can cause something to happen to that pokemon.
Math: At the end of every round a number is rolled for the pokemon on both sides.
Rounds 1-7: 20% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.
Rounds 8-12: 35% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.
Rounds 13+ : 50% Chance of stepping on a "lighted" tile.

If they do step on a tile roll out of 100 to find.
1-30: The pokemon suffers from the effects of fog for the next round.
31-70: The pokemon receives poison damage for this round only. (-3 HP)
71-85: The pokemon is given an electric shock. (Electric, 40 BP, Special)
86-95: Flash is used at the beginning of the next round. (effects both pokemon)
95-100: The pokemon is healed by 10% Health.

What are, if any, the requirements to challenge your Gym?

I don't battle much.

(/Cough/ Just a side note. If you wanted little pixel images to represent the badges you would win, I would volunteer to make them.)


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