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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Gelatini Jejunator View Post
Nope, everything's set once you receive the egg.

But congrats on your Vulpix! Here's to hoping one of my DW Nidoran hatch shiny, haha.
It's female and timid, if it had Drought I would of died.
I would of been PERFECT. I got the female Vulpix from Japan off the GTS on a whim too. I kinda used half the Masuda method accidentally I suppose. Or maybe it was exposed to my Shiny Litwick's shinyness. I was using Flame Body o incubate it to hatch faster. XD

I was precariously doing so then WHAM I hatch a shiny. I already have a shiny Ninetales though...XD

So if I were to reset it anyway would the egg still be shiny?
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