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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by Dino View Post

I'm not good with words. Try this: The pokemon receives damage at the end of this round as if it were poisoned.

I'm trying to state that on the round the pokemon "stepped" on a tile, they will receive damage as if they were poisoned. (but only for that round)
Still not very clearly stated...
No, I understood what you meant, but you have to be more specific. Like, Poisoned as in Toxipoisoned--and if so, what level of Toxipoisoning--or Poison from something like Poison Powder or the effects of Sludge Bomb?

I think it'll be easier if you just state the percentage of Health that is reduced when this tile is stepped on. :P
Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I couldn't think of anything better soo...
Rosarade shall be swapped with Exeggutor
Muk will be swapped with Shuckle
Sounds good.
Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I will wait till the gym leaders are finalized, then make em' up.
Mmkay. I'll PM/VM you when we have 8 Leaders decided, or just keep an eye on this thread.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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