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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
So same situation as last time, I don't have access to wi-fi for my DS, and for now, am only using Pokemon Online.
User Name: The pokemaster
Friend Code: n/a
Reason for Joining?: Just started competitive battling, and I'm looking for help to get me started and more experience. Also, the other clan closed. :o
What Other skills do you have: In-game, I can do almost anything, breed, EV train, etc, but I'm unable to contribute to the clan with that yet.
Experience With Pokemon: I've been playing Pokemon since G/S/C, but Pokemon Sapphire was the first game I've had where I started playing it a lot, and really starting to like it. Been playing it a lot since then.

And I'll get my sprite up later, I'm unable to do it atm.
Welcome to the clan.

Originally Posted by ArkanaNiteJoker View Post
Hello there. Just dropping my application off

User Name: (PE2K User Name) ArkanaNiteJoker
Friend Code: 5457 9104 0776 (Black Version)
Pokemon Online Smogon Server (If you accept this just in case): BeYourOwnHero
Reason for Joining?: It has been years since I was in a clan and I want to get back into the game
What Other skills do you have: I used to breed a lot. And I'm starting to again
Experience With Pokemon: Doubles mainly. Been in four clans before back in the 'golden age'

Thank you for looking over this. I won't be able to battle except on Pokemon Online until I can get all the items I need for my pokemon Black team
Welcome to the clan.
Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post
<3 I LOVE IT! Thank You So Much! :D

EDIT: Oh, and yes, Kaoru, you need to add me to the members list with this EPIC Sprite please :) I'm so excited about the clan :D
I will add you too.
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