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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by Hack4Fun View Post
User Name:Hack4fun
Friend Code: None yet.
Reason for Joining?: My sister said it would be cool if we were in a clan together so i thought i'd give it a try.
What Other skills do you have: Not so sure
Experience With Pokemon: Not bad, not great
Originally Posted by Jolteon495 View Post
User Name: Jolteon495
Friend Code: Getting another R4 soon since this one is messed up.
Reason for Joining?: Wanted to get back into Pokemon and thought this is the best way.
What Other skills do you have: Breeding/Cloning
Experience With Pokemon: Very well.

Also on a side note my brother will also be joining this clan.
Welcome to the clan, both of you.
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