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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Welcome back Linchy!

Originally Posted by Lord Celebi View Post
It's been fun, guys, but it doesn't last forever. :(

I'm stepping down from my position as Global Moderator of PE2K and leaving the website. I'm going to be living on my own very soon, and coupled with school (Pre-Law, it's looking like), I am not going to have any time for PE2K. I won't have much access to the Internet either, because I don't especially trust Public WiFi networks. I'll check my PE2K account every now and again for some communiques that I may get, but after today, I will cease to be a (semi) active member of the community.

Honestly, though, at the end, I was a really ineffective moderator. The time crunch absolutely crippled me and I had no time to do anything. I do realize I made a lot of promises in the last year that I didn't have time to fulfill, so I'd like to apologize for being a scumbag at the end. I can assure you that I vastly overestimated the amount of free time I'd have when I made those.

It's been a great eight years, though. The WARs and Team RP were a fricking blast. Anyone that has ever RPed with me is absolutely awesome, and I thank you for playing my crazy, continuity-bogged, post-requiring games with me. All of those RPs are some of my fondest memories my early life.

I do have some special messages.

Neo Pikachu - Dude. Duuuuude. You are an awesome person. Thank you for getting me into RPing and thank you for being the White King in these overly-complicated Chess games. The amount of time and effort that we spent RPing was definitely worth it all. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had the time/creative energy. I wish you the best of luck in life, and do drop me a line when you're professionally published.

Harry - When I was a total n00b, you were the only guy that believed in me. You've been a great guy to work with on the PE2K Staff and a fun person to talk to in general. If you ever decide to write professionally, drop me a line. Heck, if you write another speech, drop me a line. I loved those; you really know how to write an inspiring speech, Harry. Please take advantage of your writing talents. :D

DarkUmbreon - The phrase 'pulling a DU' still sends shivers down my spine. Good luck with Med School. Don't you dare come near me when I start to have heart trouble, though. You'll probably put me to sleep and then I'll wake up missing a kidney and with the device from Crank 2 lodged in my chest. :P

Tyranitar_Trainer - Never have I written anything any more awkward than the Shairii/rust romance. It was pretty awesome though. Between RP and URPGing with you, I've gotten to know you pretty well, and will definitely miss your characters.

Charizard_Mike - You are insane. Neo and I used to joke that, of all the people in the RPs, you'd be the most dangerous because we never had any idea what the hell you were planning. You went from a super-powerful ship to a love disease to a magical girl shtick. I loved your wacky plot twists though. I wish you great luck with your One Piece blog, which looks pretty damn successful so far. Maybe I'll bump into you at a convention in the future? ...maybe I'll finish TFA if I get the chance within the next few years?

RocketMeowth - URPGing and RPing with you was freaking awesome, though, we were never on the same team. :( I loved chatting with you on AIM as well. Like everyone else, drop me a line if (though, probably more of a when for you) you get anything published.

Shen - You are a great dude, and a delight to talk to. You absolutely infuriated me in several RPs, but it only made RPing more challenging, and thus more fun. I know you said looking into going back to school, so good luck with the college life, man.

Paperfairy - You are absolutely invaluable to the PE2K Site Staff, and without your leadership and determination, the site's renaissance would probably not have happened, or at least, been a lot more work for Harry, lol. Keep up the good work when you get back and PE2K'll be in the big leagues before you know it. Also, I'll look back fondly at the good old days. WAR RP 1... that was nuts.

FireflyK - You'll probably never see this. However, if you do, it was great getting URPG writing advice/grading from you, and I really enjoyed the late night chats between you, me, and Who a couple years back. ;) If (though, with you, it's probably more of a when) you get something published, give me a holler.

Kenny - I searched for your secret hentai stash for ages in the Mod Boards and couldn't find it. :( You're one of the smartest and wisest guys I know on here, and I wish you great luck in Med School.

The Dark Council - Our Star Wars chats and RPs were some of the best. It was an honor to be a part of the oldest club on PE2K. It's still the only place on PE2K where the rules don't apply. ;)

Finch, TMTS, and the rest of Team Aqua - You guys are all gone (save SiberianTiger), but you guys were honestly the best Role Play crew I could have asked for. If I could get all of you guys back together and motivate you to RP again like we did in Aqua's Golden Years, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am proud to have been your leader in the various RPs, and I really appreciate the time and dedication you gave to our humble little team hellbent on world domination. Finch and TMTS, thanks for being excellent co-leaders and helping me manage my crazy-ass empire.

Ryan - Thank you for making me a mod. The day you asked me was a glorious day indeed. And while I let it get to my head for about a week, I loved every minute of having a green, and eventually blue, name.

And everyone else who I've ever talked to or worked with (I'm sure I forgot someone), thanks for everything. :D

I hope that PE2K continues its success even after my departure. Like I said, I'll check in every once in a while to see how you guys are doing. I'm sure that I'll be nothing but impressed. ;)

Lord Celebi aka rust
Another one! O.o;;

Well even tho we didn't know each other that much I still wish you good luck on what you'll take on next! :) Also good luck with the living on your own and I wish you well with law school as well seeing studying law is difficult and takes a lot of concentration! :D
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