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"Onix! Tackle it!" Brock shouted!
Onix lunged forward. "Mankey watch out!"
As the giant rock snake plunged head first to the ground, the little Mankey barely managed to get out of the way.
"Mankey! Try to scratch it!" Eishiba called.
Mankey's feeble attempted failed as Mankey's hand with small claws swiped at Onix's rock hard skin. The Mankey shook its hard and shreiked as the pain dug into its hand. "What a wasted attack," Brock said. "Onix, use Rock Throw! Then try another Tackle!"
The Onix took rocks into its mouth from the arena floor and hurled them at Mankey. Mankey dodged but just enough to get out of the way. The rocks were the size of boulders, several times larger than the Mankey. Onix then attempted to tackle as Eishiba called, "Try a Low Kick!"
Mankey just barely dodged from the tackle as it charged forward for a low kick, which the Onix dodged, just barely. Watching the giant rock snake dodge attacks so quickly was amazing. Eishiba thought, "Its just as fast as Mankey. We don't have a speed advantage like our last battles were."
Eishiba watched on as the two pokemon missed their attacks. Eishiba looked to the side and saw a few rocks sitting by themselves. They were big enough that it looked like Mankey could hide behind them. "Mankey! Hide behind the rocks!"
Mankey moved away from Onix and lept behind the rocks. This added no protection for Mankey as Onix tackled right through them and crashed into Mankey. The Mankey flew back several feet and hit the dirty floor with a thud. "Hurry stand up!" Mankey sluggishly got to its feet as the tackle from a giant rock snake had taken a huge toll. "What else can I do?" Eishiba said. "Mankey can't hit it."
"Give up!" Brock said. "I have come this far in the battle! I can't give up!" Eishiba said.
Talim looked on as she said, "Maybe its best to surrender. You don't want Mankey to get anymore hurt. Especially from something that huge."
Eishiba looked out at Mankey and then thought, "Mankey is a fighting type, so it should have some kind of fighting mentality. So it should be able to act like a fighter, even just a little bit, since it is young."
Eishiba snapped out of his thinking process as he heard, "One more tackle!"
"Mankey, stand there patiently!" Eishiba said.
Mankey stood ready as Onix charged in for the kill. Once it was close enough Eishiba shouted, "Take a couple of steps to the side and then nail your low kick as it crashes into the ground!"
Onix charged and once it was nearly to Mankey, the pig monkey took two steps to the left side. When Onix crashed into the ground, Mankey swung its left leg with all its might. The Onix recoiled and growled as the kick caught Onix straight on, right to the side of the head. Mankey stepped back hopping around as the kick had hurt Mankey's foot. Both pokemon staggered as Eishiba said, "Try one more!"
Mankey lunged forward with another kick as Brock called, "Bind it!"
Onix scooped Mankey up with its tail and held it fast. Mankey kicked its legs and arms wildly as the Onix squeezed it.
"Mankey, kick upwards! Right into its tail!" Eishiba called.
Mankey kicked as hard as it could as Onix held it tightly. Alternating its feet, it sent low kick after low kick up into one of the segments of rock. Each kick seemed to loosen Onix's grip.
"Onix, your losing your bind! Tighten up!" Brock shouted, getting a little nervous.
Onix tried but the low kicks had taken serious damage on Onix. Mankey then raised its arm and came down with a hard chop. The chop caused Onix to release it as Mankey fell to the ground. Onix stood dazed and beaten as Mankey stood tired and worn out. Eishiba was happy as he shouted, "Mankey finish it! Use another Karate Chop!"
Eishiba was glad Mankey had learned a new move. Mankey ran forward and lept into the air as the chop came down on Onix's giant head. The rock snake fell to the ground and laid still. Mankey stood, barely but stood. It heaved heavily as it huffed and puffed. Brock looked at his beaten Pokemon and returned it to its pokeball. Eishiba ran to Mankey and picked it up and swung it around. "You did it! You did it!"
Mankey cheered and clapped its hands. "Its not angry for once. It seems to like victories and winning." Eishiba thought.
Talim walked up and said, "I didn't think you would win. But your Mankey was really great."
"Thanks," Eishiba said.
Brock stepped down from his platform and walked to Eishiba. He looked at Eishiba and said, "You have beaten me fair and square. I give you this, a Boulder Badge." Eishiba took the badge. It was the size of a quarter and was just a simple round brown stone. At the bottom was written, "Proof of Victory at the Pewter City Gym."
"Don't lose that. You won't want to have to try again if you do. That gets you a foot inside the Pokemon league door."
Eishiba thanked him and then watched as Brock turned and left, walking into the darkness.
"I wonder if he is mad that he lost." Eishiba said. He looked down at his Mankey who was falling asleep. Eishiba then walked back with Talim. When he stepped foot outside, it was hard for his eyes to adjust. Both him and Talim squinted as they took the first fresh breath in the last hour. Mankey was disturbed from near sleep by the bright light. It began to thrash, very lightly though as it barely had the strength to fidget. It quickly gave up as its eyes adjusted. Eishiba looked at Mankey. Its fur was full of dirt and its legs were bruised, as was one of its hand from the early scratch attack. "Poor Mankey," Talim said.
They headed back to the Pokemon Center. They walked inside and Eishiba headed straight to Nurse Joy at the front desk. Also at the front desk was Aaron and Kalen. Both looked at Eishiba holding Mankey as Kalen shouted, "I got a new Pokemon! I'm going to fight and beat Brock this time!"
Eishiba said, "Good luck, he is really tough."
Kalen looked at Mankey and said, "What happened to it? Did you fight Brock to? You mean he beat your Mankey?"
Eishiba shook his head with a bit of cockiness. "No way. My Mankey made quick work of Brock. Both of his Pokemon in fact."
Kalen stood in awe and said, "Both? Brock uses two? And Mankey beat them both?"
Eishiba started to speak as Talim interrupted saying, "Yeah right, Mankey barely squeaked by."
Aaron said, "Obviously, since Mankey looks pretty banged up."
Kalen said, "You didn't even win did you!? You made that up also?"
Eishiba sat Mankey down at the front desk along with the Pokeball for his Squirtle as he pulled out his Boulder Badge. Kalen starred at it like a little boy seeing pornography for his first time.
Eishiba put it in his pocket and said, "Go get your own. I'm sure Chimchar's ember will handle it." He said jokingly.
"Just you wait!" Kalen shouted as he ran off to challenge Brock yet again.
Nurse Joy took Eishiba's Pokemon as he sat down to rest. He leaned back in a chair and dozed off. What a day! What a day! One badge earned!
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