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Default Re: Sammy0295 - Eevee - Grasslands.

Round 1

Safari Zone

[-] Venusaur (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%


[Flare] Eevee (F)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 66%
Energy: 49%

Right off the bat the large Venusaur let out a huge rawr. The large flower on his back began to open wide. A large green ball of energy began to form in the middle of the flower. The green ball began sparking with great power. Slowly the petals closed around the ball of energy, and it could no longer be seen. The Venusaur stretched his mouth wide, and a beam of energy shot out from it. Surprising the eevee as it slammed into it.
[Solarbeam; Eevee: -25 HP | Venusaur: -8 Energy]
Flare growled as she stood up after the beam hit her. She was not ready to give up. She began to make noises, which seemed to make sense to her. She sounded as if she was reciting a curse. She finished and glared at the Venusaur with determination. No big flower was going to take her down.
[Curse; Eevee: -1 SPD, +1 ATK, +1 DEF -4 Energy]

[-] Venusaur (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 92%


[Flare] Eevee (F)
Ability: Adaptability
Health: 41%
Energy: 45%
-1 SPD, +1 ATK, +1 DEF

1- Attack
2- Capture
3- Run

You have 13 Safari Points left.