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Default Re: Open Battle: Pyroboy74 vs ID Saraibre Ryu

Right lets turn it around my lovely!

Cayci the Galvantula [F]
Ability: Compound Eyes
Signature Move: Singe Volt
Description: Galvantula and pre-evolution are masters of taking electricity out of any poor Pokemon that happens to get within their range, even the ground types. Cayci knew that Pokemon didn't like her kind or her evolutionary counterpart, ground types especially, and at any chance, the poor bug would of been squashed becauese of their leeching reputation. Thus, Cayci learned a way to concentrate a single strike of electricity, not having to be a big one, and target her smashing foe in the right spot to give them a nice nasty burn to keep them from hitting her too hard and something to think about next time their foe tried to squish them.
Type: Electric
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 4
Effects: Causes Burn status, effects ground types [8 energy is consumed when used on ground types]. Cayci can't use an electric move until the next round.
Usage Gap: Once per round

Cayci will use Disable on Lyssa. If Lyssa does something to block it or switch, Cayci will use Agility instead.

Cayci will then use Thunder on Lyssa, if she is switched out to Cronos then instead she will use Energy Ball. If Lyssa again uses a move to block Cayci's attack, Cayci will use Agility. If Lyssa attacks her with a rock or flying type move, Cayci will use Protect.

Disable/Agility ~ Thunder/Agility/Protect // Energy Ball
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