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As Dual flexed and stretched rhythmically, I looked over at the Heatmor. It was sharpening its claws deliberately on a large piece of stone and each other, making a grating sound that carried easily across the battlefield. I recognised it as the Hone Claws technique - one I had been meaning to teach to Meta for a long time now. It sharpened the claws of the user, meaning that claw-based attacks were both more damaging and more accurate, due to the increased dexterity of the digits.

It suddenly launched headfirst into the ground by flinging itself over the stone. The scratching sound got even more violent and a small plume of smoke rose up into the air as the Heatmor tunneled underground. Being an anteater Pokemon, it was incredibly proficient with digging. Going underground to attack had one major weakness, though - it left the user very prone to earthquakes. Like most strong Pokemon, Dual had the ability to initiate earthquakes, and the tactical part of my brain immediately raised this as an option. I discarded it almost immediately for a couple reasons - I wanted to damage the Heatmor and bring it down to capture range, but I didn't want to knock it out, and using Earthquake on a Digging Pokemon always did a severe amount of damage. But the most important reason was that if I commanded Dual to use Earthquake, Ivy might choose to use Haxbat again, to avoid her Pokemon being caught in the crossfire, and I'd just as soon not see the big Crobat again. Not for the first time did I wish that Ivy had taught Haji to use Protect.

I shook my head and considered what else to do. Since Heatmor was underground and I wasn't willing to use Earthquake, attacking it wasn't an option. Another possibility was I could continue to prepare Dual for battle, either with defensive screens or another attack-increasing technique, but I had another idea. Ivy didn't want the Charmeleon that was semi-asleep, so perhaps if we both concentrated fire on the Flame Pokemon it'd go down faster and then it'd be that much easier for me to capture the Heatmor.

Before I could suggest this to Ivy, she sent Haji out to battle. ôLet's start out easy," she said. "Focus your energy so we can hit hard later. Then let's give Dual a hand if he needs it. Get ready to help!"

She gave me a quick look, as if to inquire whether her order to assist Dual had been unappreciated, but I gave her a quick smile to show that I didn't mind, and I doubt Dual did either. Sure, there were times when we liked to do our thing by ourselves, but this wasn't one of them. I'd need Ivy's help to bring down this Charmeleon and capture the Heatmor so that we could move onwards.

Haji stretched out languidly and then tensed his muscles, focusing all of his mental and physical energy. A soft white light began to cover his purple fur as the Helping Hand charged, and I knew I didn't have much time to figure out what to do. I could always do something complex like a combination attack involving Psycho Cut and Thunderbolt, but Ivy was keeping it simple, so I probably should too. Furthermore, Dual was a very serious Pokemon (usually) and like me, he hated overdoing things and putting in effort that wasn't required, so a nice strong attack on the Charmeleon should do very well.

"Alright Dual, let's try and get rid of this Charmeleon as quickly as possible," I called out to him. "Work with Haji and nail the Charmeleon with a Stone Edge!"

Dual began to run towards the Charmeleon, and as he did so he held his right arm out in front of him. With a deadly-sounding shik his elbow blade extended to its full length. Bright blue energy coated the blade, and small rocks began flying up from the ground, covering the green protrusion. Haji ran daintily alongside him, moving quickly with the grace that was granted to all felines. The white energy covering his fur began to flow across to Dual, making contact with the red crest in the middle of his chest. The soft glow spread outwards from there, causing Dual to shine as he ran.

The Charmeleon finally got up and decided to do something. It breathed a torrent of fire up into the sky, causing heat waves to shimmer down onto the battlefield. I originally thought it was preparing a Flamethrower attack, until I realised what it was really doing. It was heating up the battlefield to increase the power of future Fire-typed attacks. This didn't sit well with me - I loathed the heat, and being on Mount Deckbi was bad enough without some pain-in-the-ass Pokemon coming along and using Sunny Day.

"Bloody hell, it's already hot enough," I muttered, wiping my forehead clear of sweat with my head. I considered releasing Smash so I'd have something cool to sit against, but he hated the heat almost as much as me, and I didn't want to disturb his rest. Something told me he'd be needed again, and probably soon.

The rocks flying up off the ground got larger and larger, until Dual's entire hand, arm, and blade was a hulking clump of brown rocks. Dual's arm reminded me of a Rhyperior's arm, except with a huge freaking tonfa blade strapped to it. I wasn't a huge fan of Stone Edge as a technique due to its relative inaccuracy - I much preferred Rock Slide - but there wasn't much of an opportunity to use Rock Slide on these flat plains, and considering the attack order was a simple one, I was sure that Dual would be able to strike the Charmeleon. I was a bit more worried about the Heatmor though - where would it surface? I hoped it wouldn't try to intercept the attack that I intended for the Charmeleon - that'd make this battle just a bit harder than I wanted it to be.
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