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Default Re: Mt. Deckbi

These two sure didn't waste any time, unfortunately, neither did Heatmor and Charmeleon. Heatmor sharpened his claws before burying himself underground. Charmeleon decided to be a betch and turn up the heat, as if it wasn't hot already. The area grew insanely hot, and I began sweating. That was one of the reasons I hated coming here, it was too hot for me. I pulled out one of my Pokeballs and tossed it besides me.

"Alright Bluestreak, use Water Gun on me." I said. Floatzel looked at me, a bit shocked. Then I remembered that he was looking at my illusion. I then asked River to explain it to him telepathically. I knew he understood when he began taking in a deep breath. He was storing up as much water as it could get. With the heat so intense, it wasn't much. He shot out a hard blast of water at me which sent my flying back a couple of feet. "Damn, why didn't you reduce your power." Bluestreak just laughed.

I got up and turned to Chain and Ivy. I wasn't sure if they suspected anything I hoped they were too distracted by the battle. Heatmor still hadn't resurfaced and Charmeleon wasn't doing anything. Ivy, however, wasn't waiting. She instructed her Espeon to use Focus Energy and Helping Hand. Helping Hand should power Dual's attack a great amount, that and the fact that he already used Swords Dance meant his attack would do some serious damage. Chain told Dual to hit Charmeleon with Stone Edge, that was surely going to pack a big punch.
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