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Default Re: The Botanic Gardens

OOC: It's cool, this is all I came here for.

"Haha, yeah let's get moving, but don't worry about my time. We get paid by the hour," Buzz joked. I wasn’t sure exactly how much Rangers get paid, but I knew it was pretty good now since they all got raises, or so I heard. Must be nice. If I ever stopped collecting Pokémon, I was going to become a Ranger here. I already knew one of the Rangers pretty well, and one was even related to me, so I was sure I’d be good at it. "come on then. This way." He pointed up towards a dirt path that lead to a green field. There were a lot of flowers everywhere, so I didn’t see this as a place Durant would be. I figured Pokémon like Jumpluff or Skitty would be here. Since I didn’t see any Normal or Grass types, I could only assume that my repellant was a success. I would be sure it was a success when I actually saw what I had come here for. From what I read on Durant, they lived in complicated mazes. They new those mazes well, if I were to go into one, I would surely be lost for a long time. I knew Durant were pretty good at helping each other out, it was the only way to keep things organized in a place so big and convoluted. I wondered if it would make a good partner in a double battle. I would assume it would be great given how they are used to relying on each other in their natural habitat.

The scientist, Juan Pablo Gustavo III, who engineered this vile of repellant was well known around the world. I had known him before the world did found his talents. In fact, we had gone to the same university together and met in a genetics class. We were pretty tight there which is why he developed this repellant for me. With it, I would find a Durant in no time. The only downside was that I would hardly find anything else, which I suppose isn't really a downside for me. However, it wasn’t the only thing he made for me; he also enhanced my Pokeplayer to play louder and stronger than it already did. It was thanks to him that I found Ferroseed in my last Park expedition. I was currently training Ferroseed to learn Spikes and Stealth Rocks for battling purposes. I wasn’t sure how good it was, but I was going to find out soon enough. It was impressive what he could create. I was going to have him try and create a fragrance that attracted Druddigon since I was going to the Outer Heavens after I captured Durant. Druddigon was another Pokémon that really interested me. It was pure Dragon, and the way it looks was just amazing. From what I seen in battle, it was a great battling. It was strong and fast. It could also fly. I knew if I ever got one that it would be on my battling team.

I looked up and the clear skies and took in a deep breath. The Gardens was always nice this time of year. The sun was shining bright, but it wasn’t too hot, and there was a nice breeze. I looked down at the ground and small footprints. I knew immediately that they belonged to Durant. I looked more closely and saw much larger ones about a few feet away. I tried to follow the tracks, but they ended about a yard and a half away and led into the grassy field. I looked around carefully, trying to locate where they were, but I couldn’t find anything. I knew one had to be nearby, I could feel it. Then Buzz reassured me that one was real close. I felt a sense of relief. Like I had suspected, Durant was going to be the first Pokémon I encountered. I felt so lucky.

"Well, it seems like there is a Durant nearby, assuming I'm not mistaken," Buzz said. He hadn’t been looking on the ground, so I guessed he heard one nearby. If he did then, then one had to be close. With him hearing those sounds, and me finding those tracks, I was really close to finding one. I just had to look harder, one was sure to come to me.

“Yeah, one has to be here, I saw tracks right over there but it leads into the field.” I stated. “Can we go there and see if we find one?” I asked, but before Buzz could answer, the ground beneath him gave in and he fell to the ground. Where he had been standing now stood a Durant. The six-legged insect Pokémon hissed at us. I could tell it was angry, but I wasn’t sure why. We didn’t do anything, at least not purposely. Perhaps we were in its territory and it wanted us out. Or maybe it was the noise my Pokeplayer was making. Perhaps it thought this was a female Durant calling out to it and wanted to come make some love and saw us instead. Or maybe it was just pissy because it was that time of the month. Whatever the reason was, it was angry. I just hoped it wasn’t a territorial deal because things would get ugly.

"Well here it is; I'm going to assume you want to battle," He said, stepping back. It was obvious that I wanted to battle this Pokemon. It being the only reason I was here could answer that.

“Of course. After all, this is the only thing I came here for.” I grinned. “If and when I capture it, I’ll head out of the park. Gotta keep on schedule.” I checked my watch, it was only ten in the morning. If I was out of here before twelve noon, that was going to be a record for me.

It was completely steel-plated, everything but its black legs at least. Its incredibly large pincers snapped open and close pretty hard. It was sounded like two pieces of metal slamming against each other, which shouldn’t have been a surprise since it was also made of steel. I could only imagine how hard they were and what it could cut through. It must have been heavy to carry all that steel on your face, but that just showed how strong they were. It started at me with its large red eyes. The long rod antennas with large grab balls on the ends moved back and forth as it used them to see us better. I pulled out my Pokedex and quickly scanned it. Since Juan Pablo made stuff for me, I would help him out with his researches. One of those researches included scanning any, and all Pokémon I came across, even if I had already seen it. He, like I believed that all Pokémon had something special about them. By scanning them, it would quickly store all the details I couldn’t see, while I did the opposite. I put down all details on stuff like how it was acting or how it reacts to certain things. I clicked the play button to see the basic information on this Pokémon.

Durant – The Iron Ant Pokémon. Durant are usually one foot tall and weight around eighty pounds. Durant digs nests in mountains. They build their complicated, interconnected tunnels in mazes. They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor. They have the fastest speed out of all Steel type Pokémon.

I found it odd that their steel plated armor protected them from Heatmor, their arch nemesis. Heatmor was a Fire type which did serious damage to Durant, so I didn’t see how their armor protected them. It was just one of those things I was going to have to find out on my own by researching. This Durant seemed much bigger than what the Pokedex stated. It was at least two and a half feet tall. So now was the part where I had to choose who I was going to use to battle.

Houndoom was an excellent choice to use against this Pokémon. He had a lot of super effective moves on him that he could use and he could actually control how much power left his body. I wasn’t sure if Durant had any Fighting or Ground type moves, and if it didn’t then I would be safe in using him. Mindbender was risky to use. While she could hold her own, and she did have a Fire type attack, she was weak to Bug type moves. Durant, with both great power and speed was at a far more advantage. She did have an advantage as well since she was way smarter than it, and could easily come up with a plan to beat him, but it was too risky. Cybershock could also come up with a plan to take the Steel Bug down, but since Shadow had the most battle experience, and he actually wanted to battle, I was going to use him.

“Alright Shadow, you ready?” I asked. He barked happily, and then growled angrily at the Durant. He leapt forward and prepared himself for battle and awaited my command. “Okay, start this battle off with Inferno, if it dodges, send in Flamethrower.” Inferno was a great move that did a good amount of damage, and also burnt the Pokémon if it hit. I had never had this move executed before because it was too risky, and when it came to choosing move, I didn’t like to use anything that was not likely to hit. I was usually taking a more precautious route. This time however, I wanted to see what the Durant would do and just how fast it was.

Shadow arched his head back and created a vortex of blue fire that rotated around his head. Then, he fired it at Durant. I could feel the intense heat from the attack from where I was standing. There was a bit of doubt in my mind that the move would hit, but that was why I had Shadow use Flamethrower as a backup in case it missed. I could see him creating the orange flames in his mouth as he prepared to send off another Fire attack. Flamethrower was just what the name insinuated. It was just a large stream of flames that hit the opponent. It was a lot more accurate than Inferno, but I hoped it at least hit. It would sure save me a lot of time. I had to be careful though. If Durant was burned, I had to calculate it any of Shadow’s other moves would knock the Bug out. Both Bug and Steel type Pokémon were greatly damaged by Fire type moves, a Pokémon with both those types would be damaged double that, which was why I had to be careful on attacking this Pokémon. I didn’t want to ruin the chance I had here. If I did manage to capture a Durant, I was going to try and capture at least one more if I could and if it showed up next, if not, then I was headed out of the park with my new partner. I didn't want to get ahead of myself and assume I captured it before the battle even started. Having that mentaility in a battle was usually a sign that you were going to lose. I had to focus on battling rather than me already having it bagged. I looked back at Shadow and the blue fire that was making its way towards Durant. Everything appeared to be moving in slow motion.
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