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Default Re: Trainer17 vs Xpedential (Open Battle)

(Woobat, +2 SATK, In Battle) (???) (???)

[-] Woobat (F)
HP: 75%
Energy: 66%
Status: That went well. [+2 SATK]
Thunder Wave ~ Acrobatics

(Zorua, +2 SATK, In Battle) (???) (???)

[Dazmi] Zorua (M)
HP: 79%
Energy: 59%
Status: Not too bad. [+2 SATK, CNFS]
Dark Pulse ~ Night Daze

Round Four

Woobat smiled charmingly at her opponent; Dazmi was certainly lucid enough for Woobat's expression to fill him up with dread. He shuddered, wondering what the bat had in store as she hovered closer.

Dazmi didn't have to wonder very long. What Woobat was about to do wouldn't be enough to do anything but slow Dazmi down, but it was quick, relatively easy, and would would be quite enough to defend her from the little fox's tricks for a time - especially since the tricksy Dar-type could already barely think in a straight line. Woobat, therefore, summoned the little jolt of energy she needed, forming a little ball of crackling electricity into her one-toothed mouth.

The ball of electricity quickly turned into a glowing yellow arc as Woobat expelled it from her mouth. Dazmi let out a grunt of surprise as the electric jolt flowed over him. He had braced himself for a true attack, but this little crackle of electricity barely hurt him at all. Rather, it spread through his body, leaving a tingling stiffness in his limbs. He tried to take a step forward and winced; it felt impossible for him to move.
[Thunder Wave: Woobat, -4% Energy; Dazmi, + PAR]

Dazmi growled and tried to stand tall. The next thing he tried to do would have to be...


What had his Trainer ordered again? He couldn't remember. He could barely remember his own name, let alone whether he was supposed to use Night Pulse or Dark Daze or Explosion or Splash. He felt a sickening, furious frustration and he began to batter himself about the head with his short, blunt paws and claws, slamming his proportionally big head against the stadium's hard green floor, with Woobat's snickers of amusement further fanning the flames of his irritation.
[Smack: Dazmi, -5% HP]

Woobat smiled in amusement and began to flutter her wings, lifting higher into the air. Her lightness and nimble body were about to benefit her in a big way as she drifted closer to Dazmi. Woobat put on a sudden burst of speed as she soared higher; then she suddenly folded her black wings to her body and fell like a rock, heading straight for Dazmi. The Zorua yelped and tried to dodge to his left, but Woobat didn't appear to be aiming at him. Rather, she tilted gracefully so that she came down, wheeling, with her belly-bristles brushing along the stadium floor. A sudden turn sent her rocketing toward Dazmi, whereon she slammed into the little fox's flank with a massive amount of momentum behind her. As the fox went flying, Woobat dodged above and ahead of him, hitting him one more time for two reasons: so that Dazmi didn't fall off the edge and die, and so that she could inflict more damage.
[Acrobatics: Woobat, -6% Energy; Dazmi, -9% HP]

Dazmi was in no way seriously hurt, and as his opponent retreated he definitely felt clear-headed enough to go whoop her little behind. However, he just couldn't move. His legs were too stiff, overcome with that numb tingling that he had first felt when Woobat had used that first jolt on him. He tried to rise with shaking limbs, only to thud back to the floor unceremoniously. He let out a quiet snarl. This battle was just getting worse and worse.
[Dazmi PAR, -6% Energy]

(Woobat, +2 SATK, In Battle) (???) (???)

[-] Woobat (F)
HP: 75%
Energy: 56%
Status: Smirking in the glory of sheer triumph. [+2 SATK]

(Zorua, PAR, +2 SATK, In Battle) (???) (???)

[Dazmi] Zorua (M)
HP: 65%
Energy: 53%
Status: Bad to worse. [+2 SATK, CNFS, PAR]

Ref Notes
Dazmi's Smack Rolls were 94 and 37, with 1-75 resulting in Dazmi Attacking.
Dazmi's Paralysis Roll was 56, with 1-50 hitting.
Acrobatics's Crit Roll was 42, with 1-6.25 Critting.

Xpedential, your moves please.
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