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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Round Six

Crystal Momoyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)

HP: 90%
Energy: 93%
Condition: This may be more difficult than I thought; -1 Accuracy
Moves: Rain Dance ~ Surf

Master Zorua

[Lotus] Zorua (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 7%
Condition: This is hard work; +2 Special Attack, -1 Defence
Moves: Switch (Growlithe) ~ Overheat/Howl/Dodge

Master Zorua decided that his Zorua had had enough battling for the time being and decided to start again with a fresh battler. Red light engulfed the panting fox and brought her back to her poké ball, where she could have a bit of a rest. Then her trainer replaced her ball with a similar one; this one was marked as different by a small star engraved into the top half. The ball split open and a Growlithe with strangely coloured fur appeared in the reflected sunlight. She stretched out, allowing the sunlight to warm her.

Shinju knew that she was safe from her opponent for the moment and so decided to tip the odds in her favour for a while. She began to focus and a blue aura enveloped the Lapras – it pulsed and spiked violently. The purple water-type tilted her head and gave a small roar; as she did, the pulsing blue rocketed skywards, causing rain-clouds to gather in the sky. Torrential rain hammered down on the combatants and their trainers. Farah growled as it fell – this was going to make things a little more difficult.

However, the shiny Growlithe was not ready to give up just yet. Fire began to flare up within the pup; it was powered up by the reflected light, which continued to shine on the tree, but was also weakened by the pouring rain. The raging fire erupted from Farah’s mouth and blasted into Shinju; it didn’t do much damage to her though. The attack had consumed quite a bit of energy and nothing that powerful would be available to the pup for a while.

The shiny Lapras didn't like this too much and decided to retaliate. Her body absorbed water from the falling rain while she slipped into the pool which surrounded the tree at the centre of the arena. Water began to collect under the water-type, who rose up above the battlefield; then she pushed forward, bringing the wave crashing down on the petrified Growlithe. Farah yelped in pain as the water hammered her into the ground – that had hurt a lot and he would need to strike back hard in order to even scratch the armoured plesiosaur. This wouldn’t be easy.

Crystal Momoyia

[Shinju] Lapras (F)

HP: 82%
Energy: 75%
Condition: All is going well; -1 Accuracy

Master Zorua

[Farah] Growlithe (F)

HP: 67%
Energy: 85%
Condition: This isn’t going too well; -2 Special Attack

Switch- (Zorua switched for Growlithe)
Rain Dance- (Lapras -7 Energy; It is now raining)
If 1 is rolled, Lapras will move first. If 2 is rolled, Growlithe will move first. Rolled 2.
Overheat- (Rolled 52/100, 90 or less to hit; Growlithe -15 Energy, -2 Special Attack; Lapras -8 HP)
Surf- (Rolled 25/100, 75 or less to hit; Lapras -11 Energy; Growlithe -33 HP)

Arena Notes
Farah gets both the bonus from the sunlight and the reduction from rain. This is because the sunlight is an arena effect rather than a direct weather condition.

Team Notes
Crystal Momyia
3 Pokémon remaining
Drakon: 27% HP, 58% Energy
Master Zorua
3 Pokémon remaining
Lotus: 100% HP, 7% Energy