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Default _|-Individual RP: Fotosynthesis-|_

Ranger : Rex

Location : Outpost #5 (Mt. Oktori)

Individual Run - Synthesis



"Rex, get your ass up and take this run." Betty said.

"Why would I want to do that." I grumbled. "That's why we have other Rangers."

"No, it's your job to do this. Betty quickly said.

"Ha, my job is to tell the other Rangers to take jobs I don't want... like this one." I said with a grin.

"You're new here, you may be more experienced than some Rangers, but that won't mean anything. Plus, the only ones in charge are Leo, Ivy, and Chain... and sometimes this nub called Sam. Also, seeing how all Rangers except Ivy are here, this run is yours." Betty said in a sassy voice.

"I see what you mean." I agreed. "Ivy is a woman, she should be making me food instead of this Rangering stuff. Have her clean my office while I'm gone."

"Ivy," Betty called out, she obviously couldn't take a joke.

"No, don't tell her I said that." I groaned. "Fine, give me that damn run." I snatched the file from her hands. "James Brehon, sounds like a nub." I picked up my bag and moved out the door. "Damn this place." I mumbled.

"Oh, Rex, have fun." She mocked. I just rolled my eyes.

"Let's go Colossus, we got a Trainer we have to take." I called out. A small blue robot Pokemon appeared next to me.

"Golett?" He asked.

"Yeah, they forced me on this run." I said. Then I pulled out a black Pokeball and tossed it in front of me. "Let's go Skullcruncher, fly me to Oktori." A large black Dragon with two head like arms appeared in front of me. He roared loudly, you could feel the place shake. I hoped on his back, Colossus hoping on behind me. The flight there took about fifteen minutes with Skullcruncher, my Hydreigon flying us there.

"Now we just wait for this Trainer, he better not be late." I complained. I rolled my eyes and checked my watch, he had fifteen minutes to get here or I was out.


Battle Stats:

??? [%] vs ??? [%]

Character Count:

Name: James Brehon
Location: Mt. Oktori
Money: 24,900


Super Balls x5, Hyper Balls x3, Pokeplayer: Sneasel Voice Disk, Porygon Voice Disk, Zorua Voice Disk, Zorua Voice Disk, Solosis Voice Disk, Petille Voice Disk, Ferroseed Voice Disk, Tropius Voice Disk, Mienfoo Voice Disk, Ice Type Repellent, Super Potion x4, Max Potion x3, Max Revive x2, Super Squirt Bottle, Pokedolls x1, Pax-a-Punch


Aerodactyl/M/Rock Head/Brave
EMs: TM Substitute, TM Protect, BM Pursuit, MT Aqua Tail

Starmie/G/Natural Cure/Docile
EMs: TM Thunderbolt, TM Ice Beam, TM Grass Knot, TM Psych Up, TM Water Pulse, TM Skill Swap, TM Substitute, TM Protect, MT Trick, HM Surf, HM Waterfall

EMs: TM Rain Dance, TM Grass Knot, TM Brick Break, TM Hidden Power: Dark, TM Focus Blast, TM Substitute, TM Attract, TM Curse, TM Captivate, TM Light Screen, TM Reflect, TM Swagger, TM Protect, TM Focus Punch, BM Encore, BM Fake Out, BM Endeavour, BM Wish, SM Surf, MT Magnet Rise, BM Yawn, BM Teeter Dance
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