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Default Re: The Pokemon Gaming Center (25% Discount for the next 5 customers.)

Dear customers,
I will not be on for a while, since I have a lot of stuff to do.

To Paperfairy and Fushigidane: I'll try to let your game continue as soon as possible. (Since they were already started.)

To Velocity and Dino: You can wait for me to have more time to get your games ready, but you guys can also take your money back. Your choice.

Also don't spend your money here, until I can be more on. (But don't lock please.)
So yeah... Sorry for this all... I hope to be online again as soon as possible.

Hey everyone, EchoCrescent here.

Today I'm advertising on my PE2K account... HOORAAAY!!! xDD

~Echo. (~Micro.)