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"Haha, yeah. As long as it"s not Bee," I laughed into the walkie-talkie. There was a whoosing sound from above and I saw a large three headed dragon soar by overhead. It came to a halt a little ahead of us and I recognised the passenger.

"Okay, Betty. You're a total *****." I hung up the phone and walked over to the ranger by the outpost. I gave him one quick luck before taking two things from my bag, a pokeplayer and a Mienfoo disk. I placed the disk inside and Mienfoo's cry came out-- sounding awfully like a strangled cat. The nub ranger noticed and walked towards me with a dopey smile.

"Yo," I said and continued walking. I'd have to find a way to ditch this guy...
(13:50:47) Breadfan: (as evidenced by the lack of rapture right now)
(13:51:02) Khimera: What're you talking about? I'm under siege by raptors
(13:51:15) Breadfan: that's jurassic park
(13:51:20) Breadfan: not the rapture
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