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“Alright Shadow, use Fire Fang on Durant’s. If and when it let’s go, I want you to use Double Team.” Buzz nodded, it seemed like a good idea. Durant was a Physical Pokémon, so it had a better chance of withstanding a Fire Fang. Especially given that Fire Fang wasn't a particularly powerful move.

The Durant appeared to hear the call for the attack, since its grip tightened squeezing the Dark Pokémon. Shadow let out a howl of pain and anger as its mouth flooded with the flames. Swinging his head around Houndoom threw its fangs down upon the Durants bug like head.

A curious harmony between the Durant's spine tingling screech and Shadow's howls of agony as the Durant pincers held on. Buzz was anxious to see who would give out first.

The scratches on Durant's back flared in flames as the burn wretched its body. A lapse in Durant's concentration and Shadow was free. The Houndoom took off in a blur of light.

Illusions of Shadow appeared surrounding the metal ant, who was now clambering back to its feet. Scuttling around it loooked at each of the Houndoom now surrounding it.

It didn't look too sure as what to do, it seemed to take the opportunity to bolster its own defenses. A silver glow surrounded its body as the steel that covered its body strengthed.

The Durant was beginning to look pretty tired, and Buzz knew from here on out Cameron would have to be careful as not to overpower the bug type. Buzz had never had a trainer knock out a wild Pokémon before. He couldn't imagine it happening to him.

Buzz watched on curious to see how Cameron would utilise the multiple Houndoom illusions upon the battlefield. There was still a way to go in the battle, but it looked like Cameron had everything under control so far.


Battle Stats:
?/m/Durant - 46% [BRN][DEF+2] - [Vice Grip | Iron Defennse]
Gentle/m/Houndoom - 70% - [Fire Fang | Double Team]


Trainer Stats:
Trainer: Cameron
Pokemon Encountered:
Encounters Remaining: 15
MCR: 18146 / 25000
Total Items: Honey (5x), Duo Type Repellent (1x) ACTIVE, Deluxe Honey (2x), Full Restore (4x), Pokeplayer (1x), Durant Voice Disk (1x), Durant Voice Disk (successful 1/5 used), Calming Fragrance Plus (3x), Soothing Fragrance Plus (2x), Calming Fragrance Max (1x), Pokedoll (13x), Digital Camera (1x), Park Balls (3x), Hyperballs (8x), Supreme Parkball (1x), Superball (3x), Master Ball (2x)



Pokemon: Houndooom
Nickname: Shadowpanther
Gender: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Gentle
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Dark Pulse, Solarbeam, Hidden Power (Ice), Sunny Day, Snatch, Torment, Taunt, Substitute, Will-o-Wisp, Payback, Sludge Bomb, Snore, Rest, Secret Power, Double Team, Captivate, Rest, Iron Tail, Facade, Swagger, Strength, Sucker Punch, Super Fang, Counter, Reversal
Other Info: Always out of his Pokeball and always have to bring him

Pokemon: Gardevoir
Nickname: Mindbender
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Thunderbolt, Snatch, Grass Knot, Attract, Thunder Wave, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect, Substitute, Reflect, Light Screen, Taunt, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Fire), Psych Up, Skill Swap, Rain Dance, Trick Room, Focus Blast, Swagger, Charge Beam, Energy Ball, Torment, Will-o-Wisp, Icy Wind, Encore, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Heal Bell, Shadow Sneak
Other Info: (Anything else you want to mention here)

Pokemon: Porygon-Z
Nickname: Cybershock
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Download
Nature: Calm
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Hidden Power (Fighting), Psychic, Dark Pulse, Protect, Icy Wind, Trick Room, Rain Dance, Reflect, Pain Spilt, Barrier, Trick
Other Info: (Anything else you want to mention here)

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