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Default [WAR X] Ace Trainers Association

~Who We Are~
The Ace Trainer's Association is located in The Dragon's Den, Training our Drangon Type Pokemon. We the Ace Trainers, train Dragon Type Pokemon, as they are the most complex to train. The trainers in the ATA are hard core, and are they who can really battle and defend their honor. We welcome any challenge, and will not turn one down unless a Good Enough Reason. We prefer that any one in the ATA Train Dragon Pokemon. We are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. If you come to the Dragon's Den with us for a visit, then you will be given a nice meal and cold water blessed by our Dragon Pokemon. If you decide to stay and train for the upcoming WAR, then you can train with our Elite Dragon Trainers, who will tutor you in your weaker subjects. After all training has finished, you too will be an Elite Dragon Trainer, Ready for the WAR. We at the ATA Train long and hard, to make sure we have a chance in the WAR. New trainers are advised to train Dragon Type Pokemon if they want, or you can simply train your favorite Pokemons. The trainers of the ATA want to bring out the best in our Recruits, so we can all gain experience from each other. We are the best trainers in the WAR, and like the Dragon Pokemon, Intelligent, Powerful, and Strategic.

~About us~
We are not a violent group of trainers. However, we are also not the easiest, but one of the hardest trainers there are in the WAR X Competition. We will fight, and win when defending our reputation against the other Teams. If you have no experience what so ever in WAR X, this is for you, on the other hand, if you have loads of experience in the WAR X, then this to is for you! You will experience growth and You will be trained to be one of the very best contestants there is in the WAR X Competition, along with our other members!

~Our Rarity~
"As of Generation V, there are 29 Dragon-type Pokémon or 4.47% of all Pokémon, making it the sixteenth most common elemental type, or effectively the second least common type."
The Trainers of the ATA are like the Dragons, Rare. There are not many that can handle the intense training of the ATA.

~WAR Mascots~

(Legends may NOT be used as Your mascot until you are PROVEN Worthy.)

(~You may Change your Mascot at any time, but Preferably to Something Someone else Doesn't Have~)

Draco Meteor: A Rain of Beautiful Meteorites Strikes the Foe. The move can only be learned when the Dragon is in Complete Sync with it's trainer.
Dragon Breath: Just a bit of the Dragon's Power
Dragon Claw: The Dragon Slashes the foe with it's powerful claws.
Dragon Pulse: A Beautiful Pulse of a Dragon's true and intense power.
Dragon Rage: A rage of blue dragon flames.
Dragon Rush: The almighty Dragon Swings it's tail and damages it's foe in style.
Dragon Tail: The Dragon's tail is hued with a blue light and is whirled at the foe. The attack is so powerful the foe is scared back into it's Pokeball!
Dual Chop: A Chop that hits twice no mater what is going on.
Outrage: A Full Blast of a Dragon's power.
Roar of Time: A Beautiful Roar that stops time it's self.
Spacial Rend: A Lusterous Attack that is all Pink and pretty, but can Rip through space.
Twister: A Spectacular Blue Twister is lashed at the foe and cause servere damage to 2 foes at one time.
Dragon Dance: The most Beautiful and Graceful dance known to man that makes a Dragon even more powerful.

~Role Modles~
These are the Gym Leader/Elite Four Members/Champions that we of the ATA Look up to because of the Majesticness of the way they use their Dragon Pokemon. As you can tell, They are of the highest positions in the Pokemon Leauge. Either 8th Gym Leaders or Elite Four or even the Champion of Johto!

Clair and her Dragonair are Un-beatable. Only the best of the best can get past her!

Him and his Haxorus are a perfect match. He isn't an easy opponent, you best prepare well if you are looking to beat him!

She maybe little, but even Drayden Reconized her Dragon Spunk, So watch out for her and her Fraxure!

An Elite Four member of the Hoenn Leauge. He's in the Leauge for a reason, him and his Salamence are beastly!

Lance. The best Dragon master of them all. Though he may not train complete Dragon Types, he know's best. He is the Champion of Johto, so be EXTREMELY Vigilant when Battling him!

~Joining the Association~

Simple as Filling out this form:

WAR Skills(WAR Categories - Fan Fiction, Creative Writing, Graphic Art, Drawn Art, Sprite Art, Debate, Pokémon Online Battling, URPG, Wi-Fi Battling):
Favorite Dragon Type:
Why You Want to Join(There is no "Bad" Answer):
Past WAR Experience(If any):

(These people can Approve/Decline new applicants)
- Shiny Jolteon -
- Kaoru Matsubara -
- Gelatini Jejunator -
(NO ONE else may Approve. If so, It does NOT count and you will lose one ban point. So Please, Don't approve if you are not listed, Thank You! :D)

~The Ace Trainers~

- Shiny Jolteon - Kingdra - Debate - Wi-Fi Battling -

- Kaoru Matsubara - Hydreigon - URPG - Wi-Fi Battling -

(Sprite soon to come!) - Gelatini Jejunator - Druddigon - Sprite Art - Pokemon Online Battling - Creative Writing - Fan Fiction - Graphic Art -

(Sprite soon to come!) - Shadow Gallade - Hydreigon - Sprite Art, Pokemon Online Battling -

- RPTeamRapture - Salamence - Creative Writing, Sprite Art -

- XxK1NGxTHORxX - Dragonite - Wi-Fi Battling - Pokemon Online Battling -

- Xalapeno - Salamence - URPG - Humor -

- Winter Vines - Flygon/Hydreigon - URPG - Creative Writing -

- Ryoku_II - Haxorus - URPG -

- Mubz - Dragonite - URPG -

- Mageta - Charizard - Sprite - Animate - Wi-Fi Battle - Pokemon Online Battling -

No one, but PLEASE Don't make me put you on here :O One is to Many!

~Ban Points~
These are points that every member starts out with. Everyone gets 3 Points. If you lose all 3, you WILL be banned. Please, Behave! :D
You will lose Points if you:
- Harass Other Members
- Make a Threat to ANYONE in the Team
- Curse Out of Controll (If you limit cussing it isn't going to deduct points, but it is still unnecessary!)
- Break PE2K Rules on Purpose or Repeatedly
- (More to Come!)
- If you have any Suggestions, Please, Tell me so I can add it!

Shiny Jolteon - 3 Points
Kaoru Matsubara - 3 Points
Gelatini Jejunator - 3 Points
Shadow Gallade - 3 Points
RPTeamRapture - 3 Points
XxK1NGxTHORxX - 3 Points
Xalapeno - 3 Points
Winter Vines - 3 Points
Ryoku_II - 3 Points
Mubz - 3 Points
Mageta - 3 Points

So far so good guys! :D

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