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Default Re: OPEN BATTLE: sammy0295 vs. 3m0d0ll


The wind whistled quietly over the hills, bringing clouds over the ancient-looking stadium nestled in the dip between a pair of rises. There had once been a bustling city here, with this stadium as its sports arena, but now this monolith was all that remained. In it were a pair of Trainers, ready to fight, to make the stadium come back to life, if only for a short while.

One of them, a younger girl, let fly a Pokeball which released something as phantasmal as the beam it rode on. The grey marionette's face was split by a gold zipper that eerily mimicked the grin of an ax-murderer. A long crest swung behind the Banette's head, drifting like hair in the breeze, and it held its draping arms out before it like a zombie as it floated.

The other, a teenage boy, made the choice of loosing an orange fox. Its muzzle was short and tipped with a twitching black nose, the same color as its intelligent, shining eyes. The long hair on its neck, tail, and head was golden, and it curled elegantly into a texture rather like wool. The Flareon growled in excitement and flexed its graceful paws. It turned toward Banette and the two stares - one glowing red and the other a rich dark brown - met in readiness for the coming battle.


[-] Banette (F)
Ability: Cursed Body
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Confident - and creepy.
Rain Dance ~ Toxic


[Flare] Flareon (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Raring to fight.
Curse ~ Fire Fang

Round One

Flare and Banette were matched in speed, but someone had to move first, and since the tie of quickness wouldn't last for very long, Flare figured it may as well be her moving first. She sat down on the sparse grass and closed her eyes, drawing in energy.

A miasma of pink-and-black energy soon surrounded Flare. The energy thrummed and glowed, pulsating like a heartbeat. It gathered around Flare, filling her body and making her power grow. The fox smiled as she felt her claws sharpening, her muscles strengthening, her nerves steeling. Her body was full of energy, coursing with the power... but as the black energy filled Flare, she felt, too, a dulling of her reflexes. She knew she would be significantly slower now, but she could cope. The new strength she felt would be a significant help to her, after all.
[Curse: Flare, -4% Energy, +1 ATK, +1 DEF, -1 SPD]

Banette was next, and as she watched Flare boosting herself, she knew that she would have to hinder the Flareon in some way, at least. Gathering up some energy of her own, Banette lifted her hands and face to the sky. She closed her eyes and used the wind to drift eerily around, hoping to catch the eye of Arceus with her slow, crude dance. She moved and drifted for about half a minute before the cloudy sky clouded blacker, and fat raindrops began to pour from the sky. The drops fizzled through Banette's body, but Flare was soaked to the skin - and furious about it - in seconds. The Flareon began to steam, and to growl.
[Rain Dance: Banette, -7% Energy]

Banette was ready to attack again as the rain fell. She stretched her hands out even further before her, and a sphere of purple energy formed there. Instead of remaining as energy, however, it turned into a thick pile of disgusting purple sludge that dripped and fizzed and steamed ominously in the rain. Banette grinned coldly and threw the glob of goop at Flare. The Flareon, what with her dull reflexes, had no time to dodge. The poison coated her fur, seeping into her skin and then her bloodstream. The rain had washed her clean in a few seconds, but by then the damage had been done.
[Toxic: Banette, -6% Energy; Flare, + TOX]

Flare was spitting angry at that point. She snarled at Banette, drawing her body into a compact crouch. She then sprang at Banette - and her low speed was still quite enough to get her there. The fire boiled in her guts, and, while it was slightly quenched by the rain, Flare's jaws began to glow with bright orange and red flames that swirled around her teeth. She latched onto Banette and gripped, hard, making Banette shriek like a banshee as fiery pain spread through the limb. Flare let go after a few seconds, but not before she had left her mark. Banette was hissing with how much the flames stung. In her ancient, clever mind, Banette vowed revenge on the smug Fire-Type.
Fire Fang: Flare, -2% Energy; Banette, -9% HP]


[-] Banette (F)
Ability: Cursed Body
Health: 91%
Energy: 83%
Status: Irked, and just a little singed.


[Flare] Flareon (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 98%
Energy: 94%
Status: Soaked to the skin and pretty aggravated. [ATK +1, DEF +1, SPD -1, TOX]

Toxic's Accuracy Roll was 41, with 1-90 hitting.
Fire Fang's Accuracy Roll was 38, with 1-95 hitting.
Fire Fang's Effect Roll was 93, with 1-10 Burning Banette.
Rain Dance will end at the end of next round.
In case you're wondering why so little Energy was taken off of Flare, it's because the BP of Fire-Type attacks is halved, rather than the damage. :/
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