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Default Bird Mons ~

I'm not going to include Ash's Tranquill into this. I'm going to be looking into each Pokemon to see where they stand. The first bird Pokemon was Pidgeotto that evolved into Pidgeot. Unfortunately, I don't think that it would have served better than any other Pokemon on Ash's team during that time. Ash was a newb and whether or not Pidgeot had great power that Ash could unlock, it's more so if he would have unlocked it. I would say that Pidgeotto had a diverse role in that he was the first flying-type Pokemon and one of his first Pokemon to catch before all the three starter Pokemon. It's not hard to say that more time was put into Pidgeotto. However, in the end, no matter the Gym battles, Pidgeotto played that plot any other of Ash's Pokemon did: finding a destination, poking a hole in Team Rocket's hot air balloon, clearing away smokescreen, and giving Pikachu a ride.

Let me first say that Noctowl does no longer know Hypnosis. That includes weaker attacks such as Tackle and unneeded attacks such as Foresight. What Noctowl brought was a Pokemon for the Violet City Gym (when he was suppose to have Pidgeot come back). Then it helped for when he was fighting Morrison. After that, he was mostly used to help in situations where his flying ability comes in handy or the fact he can fight off ghost-type Pokemon. However, later he came in to battle in the Sinnoh League. Clearly, he had improved a lot and I think that he can be quite strong. It just depends how the writers decide to try to portray it. Sometimes writers don't exactly get to do that and a bit of it was just to make older fans happy with the return of Ash's Johto Pokemon.

But why in god's name does Noctowl look like that annoying owl in Ocarina of Time!? D:<
It's the eyebrows I tell you, the eyebrows!!!

I never understood quite the well the reason why Ash chose to have Tailow. Yeah, he caught it just to prevent Pikachu from getting hurt anymore, but that's about it. I think that Ash had caught it because in all of his other regions, he had a bird-type Pokemon on him. Tailow was the bird Pokemon that Hoenn had to offer and well, it was probably the most obvious he would have caught given the situation a Tailow was beating Pikachu or not. In the beginning, the same as any other Pokemon in Ash's Party, he would lose battle after battle. Then the Pokeringer came that gave the focus on Tailow and because it was the focus on him, he evolved. More than anything else, he's just a reflection of the other bird type Pokemon, and his move set isn't that great.

Once again, a bird type Pokemon came into Ash's party as to help some plot that it could use its flying ability for and thus, Starly. If he were to have focused on Starly a little bit more instead of the writers making him catch Turtwig, then there could be a bit more to said Pokemon. However, Starly has started off to have a good basic move set and then when it became a Staravia after a god awful number of episodes, he did have quite a move set. It is in my opinion that Ash doesn't know how to really use his attacks well. Bravebird was a great addition, but he should have been a bit smarter about how he used it. Then there was the evolving to Staraptor and the move Close Combat, which I think was just to be able to overcome Honchcrow. Since the other Pokemon in Ash's party had a bigger role, Staraptor would have his plot end early. I don't see anything happening to him anymore.

The first Pokemon I have come to see as who would fair the weakest is Swellow. His move set lacks and Starly already had the move Aerial Ace. Noctowl served as an Owl and did what any Owl would predictably have done in the Pokemon World - fight mostly ghost Pokemon. That's why Hoothoot/Noctowl had mostly attacks that fend off Ghost-type Pokemon. Pidgeot had not shown to have any change in moveset and although he gained a bit more power, not a lot of it was shown. It would have to be the second strongest. Then in conclusion, Staraptor is Ash's strongest Pokemon. I'm basing this on the move set that Staraptor has and the fact he is stronger stat-wise than Pidgeot. He did manage to overcome a Honchkrow who was stronger than him too.

Thus ~
1. Staraptor
2. Pidgeot
3. Noctowl
4. Swellow

1. Swellow
2. Noctowl
3. Staraptor
4. Pidgeot

Swellow was used for one of Ash's tactics, Thunder Armor. Noctowl was only used to fight off ghost-type Pokemon when the episode had any ghost-type. Staraptor had an earlier conclusion to his own plot and lost too easily in the Sinnoh League to Paul's mons. But he did find ways to use him. Then Pidgeot would be number one granted that Ash would have kept his promise to get him after the Orange League to reveal to us how great Pidgeot has become. That of course depends if Ash uses Pidgeot well.

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