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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Well, this is just a leetle bit out of my league, but I'll give it a shot.

The first one, well, I can't really comment on it except by expressing my utter confusion. I have no clue who the person is or why the text is relevant. The orange splotches seem a bit chaotic and purposeless. That said, perhaps there is a purpose and I'm just not understanding the reference. The focal is very strong, and the banner is still quite pretty.

As for the second one, let me say that the effects are amazing. They do, however, look a little "pasted on", as if I was looking at 3-d effects hovering in front of a 3-d scene, and don't seem to be so much a part of the picture as in front of it. This is more noticeable in the left hand than in the right, which seems pretty seamless. This may also be due to the strange shadows on the left hand, since one would expect the underside of the arm to be lit up due to the magical ball; however, since it's a photograph you're working with I can understand the difficulties involved in changing it. The text is very well done, but I can't see a strong focus or flow due to the competing imagery of the guy's face, the right-hand magic-ball, and the text. Overall, amazing graphic.

Now, this is my first graphics work in about 6 months, so I'm likely to be quite rusty.

For an odd reason it reminds me of my Signature banner..

Anyway my mistake when I made my signature was how I placed the render to much to the side, which you seam to be doing as well.

The banner looks a tad bit blue and it's colours are really cold, the banner is not monotone, but you could use some more lively colours, a tad bit to white. The light source looks a bit weird and unusually shaped.. The render could blend a bit more into the background, like with the gun, it doesn't blend at all so it pops out, and the focal of the banner seams a bit unclear. The boarders look a bit to bright.. Maybe you can try black borders on two sides.
The text looks awesome, but still it's pretty hard to read, especially since the L is in blue. The banner is a bit to long. Tho the banner looks a bit Cold and Dark (Cold as in cool colours, warm colours are yellow, oranges and etc, cool colours are blue and milder colours). But the effects you used seam kinda overwhelming in the background.

So overall it's a pretty good banner just needs a bit colour adjustment I guess and the text looks awesome, you should definitely keep up with the text, but just try to make it 1 or 2 bigger also I really like your render, you picked a really good quality one, and your banner is in good quality, so kudos for that.. :D

This is the last banner I made:

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