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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Ehehe, yes, and my other stories. xD I should work on Howling...and that one I told you about ages ago with the arena fighting and a scyther. o: Yeah, I think you're right. A lot of stories (especially on are pretty straight-forward with their ideas, and like I've pretty much always stuck to, they seem safe and not unpredictable a lot. Of course, that's a generalisation and there are many exciting ones that we could come across here and there, but yeah... Hehe, yes, well it's something I was never really good at, and I admired that you were. My favourite scenes from PoD are danger scenes. xD (Oh, wow, really? Hahha, hadn't really thought of that, but that's a cool interpretation.)

Your battles are pretty unpredictable most of the time anyway. :3 The scene where Snow and the group battled the pokemon on Articuno's mountain has always stuck with me, and it was very unpredictable and exciting. *v*
Yeah, I think most of them (at least that I've seen) on that site are. And yeah, there's probably a lot of good ones too.

I'm glad it was...I wanted that one to be unpredictable.

Ohh, yeah, totally. It would be cool to have one theme per character at least!

Okay. xD Good, haha. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Pretty much... It's funny though; I've never chosen the species of a villain based on a pokemon's appearance. xD Like, even before I was aware of the whole "don't do that because it's narrow-minded" thing. x3
Yeah, it would.

Me neither. I really don't like it when only the "mean" looking pokemon are evil.

Ahahaa, so he'd be verbally abusing her while physically abusing her? xD Yeah, I see what you mean. By the end of the day. I agree. xD She's a bit self-centered, and even if she's thinking of the other pokemon in saying that she doesn't want to sadden them, it's still silly she would keep it from them; it's not supposed to be up to her. But because it is, then there are obviously problems. Yeah, I see what you mean, and it's kind of like dragging on when it's a little unnecessary. Ugh, that changes things if you think I should have her confess sooner... Well, I have a time in mind, so I'll stick to that, even if it means it might not happen for a few chapters. D: But don't worry; a chapters won't mean days. It'll just mean you have to wait a bit. x3 (xDDD Ahaha, good point.) But yeah. I like hearing your thoughts. :3
Well, I will admit....if it's a few chapters later that's really going to hinder my ability to enjoy the story until then. At least it'll be soon time-wise... Well, if you have a time already set I guess that's best.

Yeah, true. She's pretty justified. Putting it that way, one would definitely know how bad it is that she's keeping it from everyone. Yeah, definitely! (Yeah, even probably slow pokemon who wouldn't stand a chance no matter what--even if the scyther had been run into by a miniature scyther and magically broke a leg (xDD get it?).) Definitely. And then those who DON'T want to be evil seem non-existent. Dx

Ahh, okay. xD I love side adventures. xD Of course I do! Okay, haha. Sounds good. Alrighty. :3 Well I hope you're able to write it soon!
Yeah, I definitely think Dusty's the one most in the wrong here. People (or pokemon) like Wynore don't get driven to that sort of desperation for nothing. (Yeah...overpowered characters...)

I don't think I'm going to be able to, but I don't know, at least I have the ideas written down.

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