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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
Well, it just looked like you stuck the words on half of them, because they don't really blend in with the rest of the banners, but I'm not criticizing, probably better than what I could do TBH. :'(
Yeah, I was on PAINT.NET and I couldn't change the font color, otherwise it would've looked better... All I could do was black and what I did was change the Font to 5% So It would be white with black dots....

Originally Posted by Jolteon495 View Post
Good news guys i fount my charger and i am just going to let my DS charge for a few hours before i go on it.
CooL! I'm glad you have a New Charger :D You should sign up For the Wi-Fi Leauge now! It's pretty fun ;)

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