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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

Yep, definitely. I'm glad you see it that way; I don't really blame him either. It's definitely hard what he's been through. D:

xDD Pretty much. Well he has reason to snap, I guess, plus he was calm compared to Wynore. xD Hahaha, well Dusty probably usually wouldn't take a lecture, but she's a bit confused about it all, and distressed for a few reasons. She's realised that what she's done is terribly wrong, and she's guilty and confused. Dx

xDD Ahaha, a chicken-dog?

Thank you! 8D It's okay; I don't mind. xD Besides, I have Scy to make massively long comments, haha.

Yeah. The villain in Sanguine Snow, for example... I don't blame him for what he's doing. Torturing Skye is a no no, buuuuuut we all make sacrifices.

Skye: ...I despise you with every fiber of my being, Grassy. I just wanted you to know that.

Dusty is in the wrong, but like she said...It's hard. To tell a son his dad is gone? Horrible...

Lol, Domino is terrified of everything. You SNEEZE and he's under the table...Amazingly enough, he can bowl over anyone when he's that scared. Ask anyone. He's clumsy too...So when he presses a button, it causes a chain reaction that usually wipes out both sides XD

Lol. We're making fun of you Scy XD