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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by Jolteon495 View Post
Good news guys i fount my charger and i am just going to let my DS charge for a few hours before i go on it.
Yay. And yes, you should join the Wi-Fi League. It's actually really fun.
Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post
Yeah, I was on PAINT.NET and I couldn't change the font color, otherwise it would've looked better... All I could do was black and what I did was change the Font to 5% So It would be white with black dots....

CooL! I'm glad you have a New Charger :D You should sign up For the Wi-Fi Leauge now! It's pretty fun ;)
Yes, but who made the original banners so I can give the proper credit to them?

EDIT: We REALLY need more people to join the WAR X team for ATA. The thread link is here. If you guys join, I can see if I can persuade Shiny Jolteon to give you some shinies. :3
Join the PE2K Wi-Fi League!

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