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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death

What's up with there being no sign ups? Are we not allowed to sign up yet or something? Anyways...

Name: Cloud Shion

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Team: Villanous Incorporated

Class: Mage

Powers: Specializes in healing and manipulation magics. AKA He can heal and move things around. He also has some knowledge in fire magic.

Description: Cloud is about average height (5'8") and does not stand out in a crowd. He has slightly tan skin, as he seems to be in the sun quite often. He wears a plain black t-shirt with blue pants. His shoes are gray. His eyes are a dark blue and he has short eyelashes. His eyebrows are thin and his hair comes down to about an inch above them. His ears are pointed on the top and give him an elf-ish look. His lips are light red in color and are also thin. His face is free of blemishes

His back bears quite a lot of scars, from blunders while learning magic, while other parts of his skin are relatively un-marked. He has the look around him of someone who only will talk to you if you talk to him first and thus intimdates people when they first see him. His eyes also show a look of intelligence in them and he has the calmness around him that makes people seem to congregate to him.

History: Cloud was born in Venefinia under a family of commoners. Until about the time he was five, everything in his life was normal and then the voices in his head began talking. For a few years he endured it without telling his parents until he had learned of how mages heard voices in their heads. Upon hearing this, Cloud told his parents and they rejoiced, after all their child was talented in the one city that he could learn how to use his powers. His parents immediately made him begin studying what they deemed "friendly" types of magic.

His life continued on this path for a few more years and he found himself mastering the two types of magic his parents had made him indulge in. Healing and Manipulation. Neither of these were a type of warring or killing magic and so his parents thought Cloud would never shy towards destruction or evil.

It was around the age of 15 when the voices started getting louder, twisting his mind in the process. His powers were finally awakening and he started having sudden outbursts when he couldn't control his power. After he had punched a few holes in the wall (and in one case destroyed a side of a house) with his magic, his parents sent him on a journey to a Mage school outside of Venefinia. On the way there, he came over a Ralts and managed to defeat it and make it his own. At first the Pokemon took a disliking to its new master. After Cloud saved him from a wild Sableye attacking it, it started to become closer to Cloud.

Four years after that meeting, and Cloud's admission into the Mage school, everything changed. Cloud had just started learning how to control fire magic, the first "war" magic that he had ever attempted learning. He found that it came easier to him than healing had. It was then that one of his friends approached him about the group Villainous Incorporated. By then, even with the strong bonds of his Gallade, as his Ralts had evolved in the 4 years, his mind had still become more and more twisted. He listened to his friend of the group and finally agreed to join it. He has since left Venefinia for Parasanti, as he believed he might be able to serve Vill. Inc. there sometime in the future.

Cloud is now 25 and has ingrained himself into the politics of Parasanti, even if at a lowly level. He has won some, if very little, influence in the city. He has practiced magic in secret so that no one knows he is a mage. His fire magic skills are still not nearly that of his manipulation or healing magic but he has become proficient in it.

Pokemon: Gallade
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